Patanjali Nutrela

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* Mkt: Ruchi Soya Industries Ltd* Country of Origin: India

The whole range of all health, sports, and general nutrition, which was almost monopolized by foreign companies, and on the one hand they
were doing economic and cultural spoil and slavery of the country in the name of trade. On another hand also committing sin by our rites
perversion and culture distortion by providing us mostly animal-based products and plundering lakhs and crores of rupees every year from
various elds from the country. From East India Company to Uniliver, Colgate, Nestle, Coca-Cola, Pepsi who themselves have admitted that most
of their products are very harmful to health. This sin of foreign companies (MNC) on body & mind is very dangerous for life and money. Together
we all have to boycott these foreign companies and show them the way out. Vocal for Local’s resolution together, let us all take a pledge to
make a completely self-reliant and self-respecting India.

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