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Now Foods Tribullus 1000mg

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Optimize your Supplementation Strategy with the Best NOW Supplements

When it comes to fitness and bodybuilding a lot of emphasis is laid on consuming the right amount of proteins and other macronutrients. Of course, they are an essential part of your diet as you need to rebuild and regrow your muscles. However, in order for these nutrients to be synthesized correctly and absorbed by your body, there are several other nutrients that you need to include in your diet. This includes vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids such as Omega-3. While there are several natural sources available for these nutrients, the most convenient way of ensuring that you do not suffer from any deficiency is to opt for supplements like multivitamin tablets.

The hardest part about getting these nutrients only through your regular food is that it is almost impossible to include all of them in your meals. There are so many nutrients and so many food sources that you need to have an in-depth understanding to even be able to prepare the meal for yourself. If you are unable to devote that time to meal preparation, brands like NOW Supplements will help bridge that nutritional gap easily.

NOW- The Brand

NOW foods was the result of its founder’s immense passion for health foods and nutrition. It was in the early 60s that the brand saw its humble beginning. An entrepreneur named Elwood Richard began the trend of health foods when it was a very niche market back in the year 1968 through a chain of health foods called Heath House. He had dedicated his years as a student learning about how nutrition can improve physical performance. Therefore, he truly believed that natural foods had the potential to improve the overall quality of life.

However, because of the high price of these products, they did not become as popular as he had hoped. That is when he realized that if these natural health foods were not affordable to everyone, they would never become a part of mainstream diet. This is when Elwood opened his own manufacturing unit for natural health foods. These units supplied all the food to his stores, allowing him to have total control over the cost of production and the quality of the products. That is how NOW Foods was formed.

NOW foods is one of the most widely recognized brands of natural foods in the world. They also give you the advantage of the widest range of natural products. 

Why Are NOW Supplements Different?

NOW Supplements is counted among the most successful privately owned nutrition brand. There are several reasons why this company has risen to popularity over the years, as mentioned below:

  • All products are manufactured in state of the art facilities: All the products that are available in the NOW Foods Range are manufactured in their own units. They have several unites spread across the USA and Canada. These facilities include the best in technology and machinery. This includes modern equipment that ensure accuracy of ingredients used in the formula to give you great results each time.
  • Assured quality and safety: NOW supplements are almost synonymous with quality. This is because every manufacturing unit includes the best testing laboratories. These labs include modern analytical instruments. For every product that is manufactured, each ingredient goes though close to 16000 tests before being used in the final product, assuring quality and safety. In order to ensure complete freshness of the natural ingredients used in these products, all the manufacturing units are thermostatically controlled. They also have temperature sensitive refrigeration areas to store these ingredients until they are used.
  • Highest range of products: One of the primary goals of NOW Foods is to provide natural foods that can be included in just about any lifestyle. This is why they are constantly innovating with their product line to give you the largest variety. Be it vitamin tablets, biotin tablets or just about any supplement that you need, you will be able to find them in this range.

Top NOW Supplements

As mentioned before, when it comes to the widest range of products available, NOW supplements is one of the market leaders. No matter what your nutritional requirement is, there is a product to suit you. Here are some of the best products that are highly recommended by fitness enthusiasts world over:

NOW Omega-3

Omega-3 is a type of essential fatty acid that is usually found in fish, flaxseed, olive oil and similar foods. Essential fatty acids are the ones that your body requires but is not able to manufacture on its own. NOW Omega-3 provides you with the daily required intake of Omega-3 fatty acids and several other health benefits such as:

  • It gives you a good source of Omega-3 Fatty Acids with 250mg DHA and 500 mg EPA, both of which as essential for better overall health.
  • These capsules keep your brain protected from degenerative diseases and also reduce any risk of heart disease.
  • These Omega-3 capsules are molecularly distilled to ensure that there are no harmful toxins like mercury, heavy metals and PCB’s.
  • To prevent reflux and a fishy after-taste, they are also enteric coated and completely odor controlled.

NOW Vitamin D3

Vitamin D3 is one of the most essential vitamins when it comes to your bone health. Vitamin D3 is normally produced by your skin using sunlight. This nutrient is not abundant in the food that we consume. With reduced sun exposure, it is essential to include a Vitamin D3 supplement in your diet. NOW Vitamin D3 gives you several benefits such as:

  • You have different options with NOW Vitamin D3 supplements including powders, softgels, liquids and chewables.
  • You can get between 10mcg to 50mcg of Vitamin D3 in each serving depending upon the type of product that you choose. This ensures that you are able to meet your daily required intake.
  • In addition to improving bone health, including a good Vitamin D3 tablet in your diet also has other benefits such as improving the immune response of your body.

NOW Adam Superior Men’s Multi

The vitamin requirement of men is very different in comparison to women. There are certain vitamins that men require more in order to enjoy optimal metabolic health. The NOW Adam Superior Men’s Multi range, ensures that the requirements of men are taken into consideration to provide several advantages such as:

  • This range of multivitamin for men contains different products such as tablets, capsules and also vegetarian capsules.
  • They are made with natural extracts of Saw Palmetto and include plant sterols that are rich in vitamins that are vital for men’s health.
  • They contain Lycopene which is a very strong antioxidant that can benefit your immune system and also prevent the several signs of aging.
  • CoQ10 is an additional compound in these vitamin tablets that help keep you energized all day.
  • These capsules are easy to swallow and absorb and are extremely gentle on your GI tract.

NOW Liver Refresh

The liver, which is the largest organ in the body is responsible for getting rid of several toxins that enter the body each day. To keep your liver healthy, and to ensure that there is no damage to your liver due to overworking, especially in case of individuals who may consume alcohol occasionally, using a supplement like NOW Liver Refresh is highly recommended for the following reasons:

  • It contains a mixture of herbs and nutrients including milk thistle that can support the various functions of the liver. In fact milk thistle is recommended as a remedy for individuals who have any issues related to the liver.
  • It contains ingredients like methionine and N-acetyl-cysteine that help produce glutathione which is very effective in neutralizing the effects of free radicals. As a result, it can enhance the body’s natural toxin elimination processes.

NOW L-Arginine

L-Arginine is a type of amino acid that is highly recommended by bodybuilders and athletes who are looking at enhancing the muscle volume and size. This is because of the various roles that this amino acid has to play in the body’s metabolic activities. With NOW L-Arginine, you can experience several benefits of L-Arginine as mentioned below:

  • You can choose between tablets and powders for your supplementation program.
  • Based on your requirements, you have the option of 500mg and 1000mg capsules.
  • Consuming adequate L-Arginine in your diet will help improve the amount of nitric oxide produced in the body. This is vital for oxygen transportation to different parts of the body. As a result, you are not only able to perform better with your training but can also enjoy a great pump.
  • L-Arginine also improves functions like urea metabolism, protein production and DNA synthesis.


When you have a physically active lifestyle, the requirement of Zinc and Magnesium in the body increases considerably. These nutrients that are highly necessary to ensure proper rest and recovery are combined in perfect proportion in NOW ZMA. This product comes with several beneficial features as mentioned below:

  • You get 30mg of Zinc, 450mg of Magnesium and 15mg of Vitamin B-6 in every serving of this supplement.
  • Zinc helps in better tissue repair and cellular growth which is vital if you are training hard each day.
  • With magnesium, the electrolyte balance in the body is maintained to help you stay hydrated. It is also known to improve the body’s ability to produce energy to ensure that you perform to your optimal abilities.
  • Sleep is also improved when you consume the necessary amount of Zinc and Magnesium.

NOW Biotin

Biotin is a type of water soluble vitamin that is responsible for normal growth and development of the body. It is also necessary for several bodily functions. NOW Biotin is the perfect supplement to ensure that you get the adequate amount of this vitamin. It is loaded with several features such as:

  • You have two variants with these biotin supplements. You have NOW Biotin Capsules and NOW Biotin Powder with Fibrosyl that improves absorption and assimilation of this nutrient.
  • You can choose between 1000mcg and 5000mcg capsules depending upon your lifestyle and the level of activity.
  • Biotin is one of the most important nutrients when it comes to gluconeogenesis which is responsible for the production of glucose in the body for added energy.
  • These biotin capsules also help improve fat metabolism. This helps utilize any fat deposits to create energy so that your overall performance improves.
  • It is also responsible for the production of certain types of proteins and amino acids that are vital for you muscles.
  • The added benefits of consuming biotin tablets include improved skin health and better immunity.

NOW Super Enzymes

There are several enzymes that are produced within the body when food is digested. NOW Super Enzymes gives you a blend of these enzymes to improve your digestive health. The benefits of using this supplement are as follows:

  • It contains the perfect blend of digestive enzymes that is created with ingredients like Ox Bile, Bromelain, Papain and Pancreatin.
  • Consuming this supplement can help your body breakdown and absorb proteins, carbs and fats a lot better.

NOW Potassium Citrate

Potassium is one of the most vital minerals for your body. NOW Potassium Citrate ensures that you are able to get the adequate amount of this nutrient to enjoy several health benefits. The advantages of using this product are:

  • Every serving gives you 448mg of potassium derived from potassium citrate.
  • Potassium helps maintain the necessary levels of fluids in the cells to prevent dehydration.
  • It also maintains the perfect acid balance within the body which is vital for various biochemical reactions to take place.
  • Potassium also improves the transmission of nerve impulses and heart function.
  • Potassium is also necessary for better muscle contraction.

Where to Buy

Whether you want to buy multivitamin capsules or any other supplement from NOW Foods India, the best choice is BeastNutrition. You can enjoy great discounts and combo deals on several products. Buying on BeastNutrition is also very convenient. You can compare the products well before making a purchase. Every product that you buy will be delivered to your door step within 7 business days.


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