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Testosterone Booster

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Testosterone is an essential hormone for everyone, but its role is more significant in men, who have higher levels of it.

It contributes to sexual health and development, fertility, muscle growth, fat loss, and many other aspects of health.

Testosterone levels decrease as you age. There’s also concern about an overall drop in testosterone levels in the United States. Lifestyle and health factors appear to play a role.

Various supplements claim to boost testosterone levels, and some people choose to use them in hopes of increasing their levels of this hormone.

What is a testosterone booster supplement?

Testosterone booster supplements are formulated with ingredients that have been shown to support healthy testosterone levels.

Many of these products contain a blend of herbal extracts or specific nutrients intended to promote hormone balance.

Some also include compounds that can either increase testosterone or related hormones directly or help prevent your body from converting testosterone into estrogen.

How we chose

Here are a few of the factors we considered when choosing the products listed below:

  • Vetting: All the products included were vetted to ensure that they meet Healthline’s medical and business standards.
  • Ingredients: The supplements feature ingredients that have been studied and shown to increase testosterone levels.
  • Dosage: These supplements provide a dosage that has been proven safe and effective.

Benefits of testosterone boosters

Testosterone boosters are intended to help optimize levels of testosterone, a hormone that plays a key role in multiple aspects of health.

In theory, maintaining “normal” blood levels of testosterone may help prevent symptoms or conditions associated with low testosterone levels, including:

  • low libido
  • fatigue
  • decreased muscle mass
  • erectile dysfunction
  • depression
  • irritability

However, there is limited research on whether testosterone boosters actually offer these benefits, especially in people who don’t have a deficiency.

Certain nutrients and herbal extracts often used as testosterone boosters have been linked to additional benefits, including improvements in sperm health, sexual function, and exercise performance.

Still, more research is needed on the effectiveness and potential benefits of these supplements.


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