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Whey Concentrate

Immortal Whey Protein

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QNT Prime Whey

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What is whey protein concentrate?

Are you looking for a budget-friendly, excellent-quality protein source to maintain overall health and meet your bodybuilding or weight reduction goals? Choose whey protein concentrate.

Extraction of whey from milk during the cheese-making process provides natural ingredients like water, protein, lactose, and fat. This mixture is carefully processed to filter out and remove excess fat, lactose, carbohydrates, and other naturally occurring components. Eventually, it yields a final product abundantly rich in protein, popularly known as whey protein concentrate. The protein concentration is 80%, which means that every 100 grams of whey protein concentrate provide 80 grams of pure protein; the rest includes carbs and fats.

Whey protein concentrate is a complete protein source with an impressive amino acid profile. It does contain fats and carbohydrates, but the content is not very high, and whey protein concentrate can still help us achieve fitness goals. 

Whey protein concentrate: Benefits & Uses

Let us look at some of the key features that make whey protein concentrate promising for health.

  1. Complete protein: Whey protein concentrate is a good quality protein of high biological value as it contains all nine essential amino acids (EAAs), including BCAAs. Including it in a daily diet is a superb and effective way to deliver these needed amino acids. Together they support the recovery process, promote anabolism and reduce muscle breakdown.
  2. Muscle growth & recovery: Athletes and bodybuilders can use whey protein concentrate to fulfill their increased protein needs. Intense workouts exert a lot of stress on the muscles. The high leucine content of whey concentrate encourages muscle protein synthesis and repair of damaged muscles. 
  3. Support weight loss: Whey protein concentrate helps lose and manage weight. The carbohydrate and fat content are not that high; one can easily include whey concentrate in any weight loss diet. Moreover, its high protein content provides satiety and prevents hunger cravings.
  4. Boost immunity: Who doesn’t want to have solid immune health? Intake of whey protein concentrate can help achieve that as it promotes the synthesis of a powerful antioxidant – glutathione, in the body.
  5. Easy to digest: Whey protein concentrate is easy to digest as it is fast-acting and quickly supplies amino acids to the body. Due to this ability, fitness enthusiasts and bodybuilders prefer taking it post-workout for a speedy recovery. However, a person with a sensitive gut might find it a little difficult to digest whey protein concentrate. Such people can opt for whey protein isolate or hydrolysate. 

How to choose the right whey protein concentrate for you?

The selection of a protein supplement should be as per nutritional needs. Protein requirement varies based on diet, physical activity level, and health goals. Athletes and bodybuilders can choose whey protein concentrate for gaining muscle mass and adding volume and strength. The presence of carbs and good fats provides healthy calories. While opting for a whey protein concentrate, check the protein content per serving so that it can fit perfectly with other dietary sources. For general well-being, one can have whey protein concentrate to prevent protein deficiency. It is better to read the ingredients list carefully to make an informed decision. Lactose-intolerant or allergic people should prefer whey isolate or hydrolysate.

Always buy protein supplements from a trusted seller like Beast Nutrition to secure a certified and genuine product. The product should be certified and free from added sugar, harmful ingredients, and banned substances. 

How to use whey protein concentrate?

One can enjoy whey protein concentrate supplements with water, milk, shakes, smoothies, or any preferred beverage. Whey isolate can also be a part of homemade pancakes, muffins, protein bars, cookies, puddings, and ice creams as a healthy ingredient. 

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