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I am Kartik Rakheja, a Certified Personal Trainer dedicated to empowering individuals through fitness. With a diverse range of specialties, I possess the expertise to deliver remarkable transformations. As an Advance Physique Transformation Master Coach and Advance Bodybuilding Hypertrophy Master Trainer, I have mastered the art of sculpting and developing impressive physiques. Furthermore, my proficiency as a Bodybuilding Contest Preparation Coach enables me to guide aspiring athletes towards their competitive goals.

Serving as a Lifestyle Coach, I am committed to helping individuals adopt sustainable and healthy habits that extend beyond the gym. As a Sheru Classic Athlete, I bring a wealth of personal experience and knowledge to my training sessions.

Additionally, I specialize in mobility, flexibility, and posture correction to enhance overall functionality. Whether it’s high-intensity workouts, functional training, group sessions, or kids’ workouts, I strive to create engaging and effective exercise programs tailored to individual needs. Complementing my workout programs, I provide detailed diet plans and offer expertise in advanced supplementation. With a passion for excellence, I am dedicated to assisting clients in achieving their fitness goals and transforming their lives.

Why I chose Beast Nutrition ?

I am the CEO of Beast Nutrition, want to build up a better fitness community in India. Our aim is to provide best fitness advice related to fitness, health and wellness in india.
Beast Nutrition, as a platform aims mainly to eradicate the duplicity and fake products in the Supplement market by providing genuine supplements to masses at a affordable price.
We also educate our clients regarding the same through our communication channel.




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