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MuscleBlaze Women Slim Fit

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MuscleBlaze Women Slim Fit

Product info

Men and women have different physiology which makes it tricky for women fitness enthusiasts to gain lean muscles and lose fat. MuscleBlaze brings the best in class fat loss supplement to help support your weight management journey. This wonder supplement is formulated to aim weight management and fats loss in females.

  • MuscleBlaze understands the difference between the physiology of men and women which is why we bring to you MuscleBlaze Women Slim Fit, a weight management formula for women
  • This formula is curated with the best of the herbs proven to support positive weight management including Garcinia Cambogia, Green Tea, Green Coffee Beans, Ginger, and piper nigrum extracts
  • Slim Fit may help in weight management by suppressing the appetite to reduce the unnecessary caloric intake
  • It also helps in fast metabolization of accumulated fats in the body to help with active weight management
  • This supplement is exquisitely curated for women fitness enthusiasts


MuscleBlaze Slim Fit for women is crafted to help you gain lean muscle mass while tackling the stubborn fat. Following are a few features of MuscleBlaze Slim Fit for women:
  • Garcinia Cambogia: This wonder fruit also known as Malabar tamarind is a sour fruit and its peel has a rich content of HCA (Hydroxycitric Acid). This may help suppress the appetite and accelerate the fat metabolism in the body to boost fat loss thus resulting in positive weight management.
  • Green Coffee Beans: A rich source of CGA (Chlorogenic Acid), Green Coffee Beans may help in weight loss by regulating the insulin sensitivity in the body thus restricting the fat accumulation in the body.
  • Green Tea Extracts:  With rich flavonoids and catechins, green tea helps release antioxidants in the body which may help reduce the inflammation and suppress the appetite too for unhealthy munching thus saving you from unnecessary caloric intake.
  • Ginger Extract: Ginger is an age-old herb used to reduce inflammation. Chronic inflammation can make it difficult to indulge in fitness activities thus blocking your way to positive weight management. With reduced inflammation, you’ll feel more active to do fitness activities and exercise.
  • Piper Nigrum Extract: Black pepper inhibits the accumulation of excess fats in the body and triggers the body to use extra accumulated fats as energy thus triggering weight loss. It also provides active antioxidants which may provide relief from sore muscles.


Garcinia Cambogia, green coffee beans, ginger, green tea, and piper nigrum extracts

Directions to Use

Consume 1 Capsule a day. It is always advised to start off with a low dosage of fat burners. Fat burners are specially formulated to provide you with the right quantity of various ingredients facilitating fat loss. Also, consuming more fat loss supplements doesn’t mean you are going to burn up fat at a faster pace. Make sure you follow a certain cycle of consumption and get the best results in a shorter time. Just in case you are on a certain medication or eating pills, do visit a doctor for proper prescription regarding the consumption of fat burners.

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Based on 102 reviews
Sewak Bhangal
Sewak Bhangal
15 December 2023
Genuine product and good packaging
Akhil Jakhar
Akhil Jakhar
12 December 2023
Best price and original product ✌🏻👌🏻
Arun Harry
Arun Harry
8 October 2023
Geniune product.
Siddharth Gupta
Siddharth Gupta
29 September 2023
Genuine product received and good delivery. Packing is also good now till I am not use universal carbo but in few days I use then suggest that result but beast nutrition provide geniue products.

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