Disease Causes Fatty Food: Diabetes, Hypertension and Myo-Acid

Disease Causes Fatty Food: Diabetes, Hypertension and Myo-Acid

Fatty foods are the causes of diseases such as Diabetes Mellitus, Hypertension, increased degree cholesterol or Hiperkolestemia, movement or stoppage of blood vessel (Atherosclerosis), Coronary heart disease, suffering from ulcer disease, joint pain and inflammation due to kidney stones cumulation acid strand.

Excess weight and poor nutrition (malnutrition) is one of the causes of fatty food. malnutrition or poor nutrition can cause damage to pancreas, whereas Obesity or overweight in the body can lead to disruption of insulin or insulin Retention. Diabetes mellitus type 2 is the Diabetes mellitus that is not dependent on insulin. Fatty foods have been known by many people that fatty food can lead to high-risk or exposed to the disease type 2 Diabetes mellitus that insulin production can be possible. Professor James Kazuaki Ohtsubo and Marth from the University of California, San Diego School of Medicine and the Howard Hughes medical Instate (UCSD) and all his team can identify the genes that an enzyme called Gn-4a glycosyltransferase (GnT-4a), which allows the beta cells pancreas stimulate blood sugar and produce insulin in normal and good. the experts are doing to the animal testing mice that show high level of fat in the blood will be pressing the production of enzyme GnT-4a so that the beta cells in the pancreas produces a hormone deficiency and insulin cause Diabetes mellitus type 2.

Fatty foods can also cause disease acid strand. acid muscle is the result of the end of the purin metabolism. purin is a certain food that can cause disease acid strand. acid muscle in the body produced through two ways. The first is as a result of splitting non-amino acid essential, glutamine acid and aspartat. this process occurs in every person’s body, because muscle is the acid component in the body that required a certain amount. and the second is as a result of the end of the process purin metabolism derived from food. cumulation of acid first strand rare. which is more often due to the many foods that contain lots of purin and consumption patterns are day-to-day with a less balanced diet such as eating too many contain a high cholesterol.

Avoid fatty foods for people with ulcer disease. causes of fatty foods can also lead to the occurrence of ulcer disease. It is can cause stomach bloated. ulcer patients are encouraged not consume foods that contain fat. ulcer patients do when praying fasting, should avoid eating food is too spicy. other causes of fatty foods is hypertension. high blood pressure is one of the most disease in the world. Hypertension can lead to disability or physical disability. that can occur when people with Hypertension or high blood pressure drop at the time of high blood pressure to increase rates. the things above are the causes of fatty foods that are frequently experienced by many people around the world.

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