Health Benefits of Mangoes

Health Benefits of Mangoes

We all love Mangoes and now we should once get into the healthy secrets of eating Mangoes.

The various benefits of eating mangoes have been discussed below.

* Anti-Cancer: The phenols in mangoes such as Isoquercitrin, Quercetin, Fisetin, Astragalin, Gallic acid and Methylgallat, as well as the abundant enzymes have the capacities of preventing cancer.

* Eye Health: One cup of sliced mangoes provides around 25% of Vitamin A, required to promote good eye sight.

* Helps in Digestion: Mangoes have the necessary digestive enzymes that help treat down proteins and support in good digestion.

* Health Skin: Mangoes have the power to relieve clogged pores of the skin.

* Helps in Diabetes: Mangoes also play a healthy role in normalizing the insulin levels in the blood.

* For Better Sex: The Vitamin E present abundantly in mangoes regulates the sex hormones and increases the sex drive.

* Beneficial for anemia: Mangoes are very beneficial for the pregnant women and individuals suffering from anemia due to iron deficiency.

* Boost Memory: Mangoes contain Glutamine which helps to boost memory and make cells active which in turn improves the concentration level.

* Weight Gain: Mangoes also are beneficial for people wanting to gain weight. Unripe mangoes contain starch which gets converted into sugar as the fruit ripens. Hence, ripe mangoes (rich in sugar) when consumed with milk help in weight gain.

Now who would not love to eat mangoes, especially after coming across such wonderful benefits of it. Mangoes are really a good source of energy and fitness during summer times.

Source by Roopashree Sharma

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