L-Glutamine Side Effects – What You Should Know?

L-Glutamine Side Effects - What You Should Know?

L-Glutamine is a great supplement that serves several great functions in the body. It is rich in amino acids that aid in muscle growth and healing of muscles. It is also known to help with fat burning and bolstering the immune system in a person. L-Glutamine has also been known to keep a person alert and is often take a brain food to increase alertness levels and sharpness levels.

That being said, there are some L-Glutamine side effects as well. Just like any other supplement or drug, nothing is really completely devoid of any side effects. This article will discuss some of the side effects of L-Glutamine.

Most of the side effects related with L-Glutamine have to do with the dosage. Many people do not realize that supplements are helpful only when they are taken in right quantities. Beyond a certain point, they will have an adverse effect and it applies to all supplements like whey protein, creatine and so on.

L-Glutamine is something that should be avoided by people suffering from liver disease. It is also recommended that pregnant women not consume L-Glutamine to be on the safer side.

L-Glutamine side effects are different from person to person and it will depend on the general constituency of the person in question. It differs from person to person because everyone has a different mix of essential vitamins and minerals in their body. When a supplement such as L-Glutamine is taken, it starts to alter that chemical balance in each person and it has the potential to have different results with different individuals.

Some will feel very tired and sleepy after taking L-Glutamine while some will feel energized after taking it. In some cases, it can also result in diarrhea. When diarrhea happens, one can rectify the problem by lowering the dosage of L-Glutamine. The recommended dosage for the L-Glutamine is very wide with an acceptable level being anywhere from 500mg, all the way to 4,000 mg.

In general, L-Glutamine is a naturally occurring amino acid in the body and there are no potential side effects that are directly related to it. One would have to try it to see what sort of side effects they experience. If they feel incredibly tired or sleep after consuming it, it is best that they discontinue it or try a different dosage. The general public does not really take L-Glutamine supplements and its usage is usually found in the bodybuilding circle.

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