Mutant Mass Review: Should You Leave Humanity Behind For It?

Mutant Mass Review: Should You Leave Humanity Behind For It?

Looking for the right kind of supplement that will help you in your quest to gain more mass and build muscle can be difficult and is paved by trial and error. With a lot of body builders wanting to gain more mass, getting the right supplement is essential. One such mass-gainer in the market today is Mutant Mass, but can it really help you beef up? I will reveal all in this Mutant Mass review.

Mutant Mass, which prompts you to “leave humanity behind”, is dubbed as the new breed of mass gainer as it gives you monstrous effects. It contains 10 different proteins and a formula that will allow you improved muscle growth, enhanced tissue repair, increased energy, and better recovery.

But what exactly is in the supplement that will turn you into a mutant? The fast acting proteins that are in the product that will give you the boost you need are whey protein isolate and hydrolysate, and three other protein concentrates. On the other hand, the proteins that will prevent muscle breakdown due to their slow release are calcium caseinate, milk protein concentrate and isolate, egg white ablumin protein, and miceller casein.

In addition to the proteins, Mutant Mass also contains the carbohydrates waxy barley starch and waxy maize which are said to be absorbed quicker into the body, and the complex carb maltodextrin that will give your muscles the energy it needs.

But when conducting a Mutant Mass review, how does the product perform? Does it really deliver in all of its promises? Will it give you everything you need and turn you into the muscled mutant it promises?

When it comes to its actual effectiveness, people may find varying results when conducting a Mutant Mass review. While some do gain mass quite fast, some gain weight slowly over the course of a month or two. However, whether you do see results quickly or slowly, the fact of the matter is Mutant Mass will work. And aside from giving you mass, the supplement does deliver on its promise of increased energy and enhanced recovery so for body builders it is the complete package.

The only downside to the product is its “mixability.” The Mutant does not mix well, more so if you are not using a blender. Even when mixed for 5 minutes you will still end up with clumps, while blending it will only reduce the clumps. One trick that some of the consumers are doing is to dissolve it in hot water first and then add the cold water.

The selling point of the Mutant is its incredible taste. With flavors like vanilla ice cream, triple chocolate, strawberry banana cream, and cookies and cream, you can pick and choose which delicious flavor you will want to help you leave humanity behind. The flavors are so good, it won’t taste like it’s a supplement.

Over all, my conclusion from this Mutant Mass review is that it is a great product. It will help give you increased energy, improved recovery, and most of all, gain mass. It has several different flavors, all of which are delicious. If you don’t mind the clumps or have the patience to blend it, then this product is for you!

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