Official TNT Isolate-X Review

Official TNT Isolate-X Review

With all the talk going on about which protein product is the best, there just might be a product that officially can be called the “best”. TNT Isolate-X is not called this for no reason, for there are many claims about this product stating its supposed superiority.

So what’s in this stuff?

Well, here is a basic overview of what TNT Isolate-X provides:

  • highest biologically active proteins
  • DuraPro (whey Growth Factor Extract)
  • Glutamine peptides
  • Whey protein isolates
  • anticatabolic branch chain amino acids

Now to go into a little detail about this product, since Isolate-X has some of the highest biologically active proteins, this product is supposed to enhance cellular function, promote lean muscle mass, and to increase both nitrogen retention and amino acid transport. This basically means it boosts the process of muscle growth within your body.

Because this product seems like it has creditability I did extensive research and I found another review about this product.

Here’s one part of the review that caught my interest:

“Inferior protein sources such as whey concentrate or sweet whey are nowhere to be found in the ISOLATE X formulation. The impurities typically abundant in most whey proteins have been removed to create a lactose-free, sodium-free, fat-free, protein supplement!”

After reading this statement, I come to the belief that this product may just be worth its price, and it may just help anyone build muscle. But then again we all know how advertisement is these days with their false claims.

However, the DuraPro that is in this product is said to improve cell proliferation and cell metabolism. Having this as an aid simply allows you to have faster muscle recover after your muscles are torn from working out. The Glutamine peptides that TNT Isolate contains are also used as an aid to promote faster muscle recovers.

Now the whey protein isolate is claimed to be the highest source of protein available on the market, since whey protein alone is known as a high source of protein. With the whey protein isolate used as an ingredient in this TNT Isolate-X, it not only helps protein go straight into your blood stem, but it overall enhance muscle growth period.

To end this review, this product may just be something to considered, or not, for it all really depends wither you feel its right for you.

Source by Reggie Barnett

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