Orthopedic Surgery and the Use of Glutamine For Rapid Recovery

Orthopedic Surgery and the Use of Glutamine For Rapid Recovery

Orthopedic surgery when it comes to repairing either a fracture or, replacing a joint takes a lot out of the human body in regards to strength and, stamina. The immune system as well may be compromised to a point as the body is taken into a state of fraility especially as we age. There is nothing more important when it comes to getting your strength back and the surgical area healed then your nutrition.

Glutamine is one of many supplements that may be recommended for your recovery. The reason it is recommended is that it is first of all produced by our bodies naturally and considered safe for everyone. We will get glutamine in some of the foods we consume like egg protein, soy protein, and poultry for instance. Glutamine being an amino acid is just one of many that acts like a building block for protein which is required by our bodies to repair itself.

Glutamine we know is highly touted in the medical community for burn patients for its healing properties as well. Glutamine being the most abundant amino acid in your body makes up approximately 50-65 % of the total amino acids in your body so, you can see where it may come into play heavily when dealing with orthopedic recovery where muscle generally is damaged and separated during surgery.

Generally when the body is stressed glutamine leaves the skeletal muscle and is used to support and facilitate the immune system. The body goes into somewhat of a survival mode by sending excess glutamine to the immune system to protect itself.

When there is is a lack of glutamine in the skeletal muscle strength and overall recovery gets postponed until the glutamine stores are increased. This is where the importance of supplementation comes in to play.

I highly recommend it to anyone that is either preparing to go into surgey or, has just gone through surgery. Consult with your surgeon first to be sure they know what you are supplementing with glutamine.

By glutamine supplementation, you put yourself on course for building a stronger body after surgery and nourishing your skeletal muscles with the nutrients it needs to complete the healing process.

Source by Richard A Haynes

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