What It Takes to Become a Professional Wrestler

What It Takes to Become a Professional Wrestler

The biggest Professional wrestling corporation was founded in 1980 and the company has gone from strength to strength. But for an industry riddled with frequent bad press regarding its falseness, dramatization and steroid use, how hard do the wrestling superstars work to maintain their physical fitness?

Professional wrestling superstars train with hours of high intensity, quick and rigorous training every day, consequently requiring a high level of body maintenance. Information and motivation website ‘Bodybuilding.com’ interviewed wrestling great David Michael Bautista regarding the professional wrestling strict training regimes. Nicknamed ‘Batista’, his impressive physique began with his background in bodybuilding and although his weight has reduced since, the professional wrestling workouts are more focused around maintenance rather than building extra muscle. Nonetheless, his diet demands very high amounts of protein, which he acquires through supplement Nutrabolics whey protein. Additionally, he takes a form of whey protein as a trigger before his workout and a protein window after, in order to recover quickly without the usual days if not weeks of aches.

Having a bodybuilding background however is not the only reason for relying heavily on protein in a professional wrestling diet. Yahoo Sports highlights another superstar Randy Orton’s protein rich diet plan, which consists of consuming 250 grams of protein every single day. 60% of Orton’s intake is gained from meal replacement bars and protein powder. This displays the importance of processed forms of protein for maintaining a muscle rich physique and shorter recover periods.

However it must be stated that relying solely on supplements in order to recover quickly and keep your body fit, is not the advised method. Health preservation inspired website ‘LiveStrong’, emphasis that too much protein could result primarily in wastage, due to your body not being able to absorb high levels of protein, but secondly a possible lack of variety which could have been obtained through a nutrient rich meal instead. After all, would a healthy meal of chicken salad not provide you with a sufficient amount of protein along with other much needed nutrients, rather than one protein rich shake?

Overall, the training that professional wrestling stars undertake, takes years of preparation, an intensively structured fitness plan and careful monitoring of their bodies necessities. Although supplements are not always the best solution to everyday body functions, for a well-directed fitness regime with clear achievable goals, supplements can help enhance the effects of exercise and can speed up both the recovery period and goal achievement time. This is a clear explanation to why professional wrestling stars are able to sustain high fitness levels, keep a toned exterior and perform for their careers most days.

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