What You Need to Know About Ready-To-Drink Protein Shakes

What You Need to Know About Ready-To-Drink Protein Shakes

People with busy lives often find themselves getting sub-par nutrition. It isn’t always easy to eat healthy when you are leading a busy life. If you try to prepare enough healthy meals each day to get the daily recommended allowance of essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients, you could easily find yourself burning every spare moment on meal preparation. Things become even more time consuming when you’re trying to eat a healthy diet that promotes muscle gains. If your goal is to burn body fat and gain muscle, there are even more nutritional requirements that you have to figure into every meal.

One of the most important parts of a fat loss/muscle gaining diet is getting adequate protein. Ready-to-drink protein shakes are one alternative that many people use to get the protein they need each day. These protein shakes take all the guess work and labor out of eating a diet that contains enough protein to boost muscle mass and diminish body fat stores. Instead of having to prepare and eat several chicken breasts every day (even though chicken breasts and other protein foods should be a regular part of your diet), it is much easier and efficient to get protein from ready-to-drink protein shakes.

Protein Powder

Protein powder supplements are another product that can make getting adequate protein easier. Protein powders are typically composed of whey, casein, or egg proteins. Supplement companies refine milk or other foods to get the best quality protein in a powdered form. The process of separating this muscle building protein from other food components involves heating the foods until separation occurs. As the protein separates from the rest of the food source, it is gathered up through a filtration device and is then processed again to get the powdered form. While most of us will never see this process or be too concerned about the details, it’s always helpful to understand where your foods and supplements are coming from.

Once protein is turned into a mixable, flavorings are added to make it easier to drink. There are some unflavored powders available, but they aren’t the most popular supplements on the market. An unflavored powder is pretty bland and hard to drink, especially when compared to ready-to-drink shakes, which typically taste very good and often supply superior protein.

There’s nothing wrong with powders, but they can be a bit of a drag to drink day in and day out. Even the best tasting protein powders are often difficult to mix with liquids, so the end result isn’t always that pleasant to drink. When it comes to delivering high quality protein, the popular powders can certainly do the job, but they don’t usually taste as good as the ready to drink protein beverages that are available today.

Ready-to-Drink Protein Shakes Are More Convenient

One of the hassles that you avoid when drinking ready-to-drink shakes is the cleanup. Anyone that has had the experience of cleaning up after a big protein powder shake knows what a mess powdered supplements can make. Most powders clump up in the mixing cup and stick to the sides. Blenders or shaker cups that have been used to make a protein powder shake usually end up caked with sticky protein powder clumps. The really bad part is that you have to clean these messes up several times a day if you are a regular protein powder user.

Ready-to-drink shakes don’t require any mixing or blending. These supplemental drinks are already mixed in the container you buy them in. There’s no measuring powder or liquid and then trying in vain to get the powder to dissolve. Ready-to-drink protein shakes are smooth, pre-mixed and they usually taste very good. Best of all – there’s not clean up after you’re done drinking a ready-to-drink protein shake. You get every bit of the muscle building protein that you pay for and don’t have to scrape and clean any mixer cups or blenders. Simply put, ready-to-drink protein shakes are the convenient alternative to the traditional protein powder shakes of the past.

No More Wasted Protein

The messes mentioned with protein powders aren’t just a hassle to clean up, they also represent wasted protein. When you pay for protein powder, you want to get every bit of muscle building protein that you paid for. The clumps that get stuck to the side of your cup may not seem like a lot, but day after day that amount builds up and before too long you are wasting lots of the protein that you paid for. Ready-to-drink protein shakes eliminate the wasted protein that accompanies protein powder use. You get the exact amount of protein that you paid for and you don’t end up washing precious protein down the drain.

Ready-to-drink protein drinks are much easier to use on a daily basis than powders. Profect and Proasis from Protica are remarkable protein shots that are very convenient to use. Profect provides 25 grams of high quality proteins in a great tasting, pre-mixed protein shot. If you’ve dealt with the hassle of making multiple protein shakes every day to get the nutrition you need, you’ll love how convenient these ready-to-drink liquid protein shots are. When you leave for work in the morning you can pop a few of these shakes in with your lunch and you’ll know that you are covered for the day when it comes to getting the protein your growing muscles need.

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