4 Best Bang For Your Buck Muscle Mass Nutritional Supplements

4 Best Bang For Your Buck Muscle Mass Nutritional Supplements

I’ve been sifting through plenty of sources about how muscle mass nutritional supplements are useless and a complete waste of cash. The reality is slightly more intricate.

Yes, you can pile mass of muscles onto your frame by consuming adequate amount of muscle building nutrients derived from everyday, whole food sources without supplements getting mixed up. This is a fact, so don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Nevertheless, you still need to prepare 5 to 6 high protein meals a day in order to fulfill your daily muscle building requirement, a hugely laborious undertaking especially if you’re member of the rat race.

This is when supplements come in handy, turning the odds in your favor by supplying you the necessary growth facilitating nutrients in a very quick and easy manner. Now when broaching the subject of what are the supplements worthy of your hard earned cash, the reality is even more intricate. There are thousands of muscle building supplements currently available on the market that are touted to contain “the best formula” for jacking up size and strength in record time. Don’t buy into the hype because most of them are pure garbage. For best bang for your buck, stick with the following muscle mass nutritional supplements as they are backed by solid scientific research along with proven real world results for promoting positive muscle gains.

1. Whey Protein – The big honcho of protein. A typical scoop of whey supplies your body between 20 to 25 grams of high quality, BCAA’s rich (branched chain amino acids) fast-acting protein. In addition to its top ranking spot on the biological value scale, whey protein is also a very convenient and versatile supplement. You can quickly get your protein fix by mixing whey with plain water or further increase the protein content by adding skim milk. Heck, you can even add whey to your grandma’s cookie recipe! Get this A+ supplement if you have the cash to splash.

2. Creatine – An extremely popular and highly rated sport supplement that has been proven to have a strong effect on muscle gains and strength. Those who find it hard to put on weight should include creatine as part of their mass gaining diet plan. Creatine is fairly inexpensive, go well with whey protein, and most important of all, it’s effective for building muscle mass.

3. Multivitamins – It’s imperative that you provide your body with adequate amount of vitamins and minerals in order to promote optimal muscle growth. You may acquire them from natural whole foods, but my advice is to purchase a bottle of multivitamins so you may get the proper quantity of vitamins and minerals, all in one place without resorting to guesswork.

4. Essential Fatty Acids (EFA) – Unsaturated fat, or commonly known as the “good” fats are absolutely essential to your muscle building needs. Consuming the proper amount of EFA on a daily basis helps to elevate the most crucial muscle gaining hormone called testosterone. EFA can also increase your energy, push larger amounts of nutrients into your muscle cells, and dramatically improves your metabolism. How do you get your daily fix of EFA? Fish, almond nuts, and flaxseed oil just to name a few, are good sources of EFA. I highly recommend flaxseed oil and make sure that you get the liquid form instead of capsules. Liquid flaxseed oil is better for your ingestion and wallet, since it would take quite a number of capsules to equate the amount of goodness that 1 tablespoon of liquid oil provides. EFA are hands down, one of the best muscle mass nutritional supplements for promoting healthy muscular body, as well as improving your general health.

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