5 Easy Workout And Nutrition Tips To Gain Muscle Fast

5 Easy Workout And Nutrition Tips To Gain Muscle Fast

Exercise and sports are two of the best ways to gain muscle fast. There are other modalities as well. What you should know about gaining muscles fast is that the muscles that you use more tend to get bigger and stronger while muscles that you use the least get weaker and smaller. What are the best tips to gain muscle fast?

  1. Calculate how many calories you need to grow a bigger physique. The calories that you need to grow bigger actually depend on your current weight, your age and your gender. If you live an active lifestyle, it will also affect your calorie intake needs. The equation for this is simple: What is your current weight? Multiply it by 20. So if, for example, you weigh 130 pounds, multiply it by 20 and you’ll get 2600. That’s the amount of calories you need to start building muscles. That’s a hefty number. You might be surprised that you need food intake with that amount of calories.
  2. Jumpstart your muscle building program by exercising your big muscle groups. You’ll want faster and bigger muscle gains, and the best way to do this is to start with a bang on your muscle building process. In this case, work on your big muscle groups first, such as your chest, back and leg muscles. Involve these muscle groups in your workout routines at least once a week. Along the way, your muscles will increase its tolerance for lifting weights. Shock your muscles by regularly changing the weights that you lift. When you commenced on your first week on training, you might have used 100 pounds when doing your bench press. You can build muscle fast if you increase it with 10 pounds on your second week of training. Add 10 pounds every week for the following weeks of your muscle building workouts. Apply this measure for every exercise on your other body parts. This technique is called progressive training and it ensures that your muscles don’t get stagnant. It’s a workout strategy that keeps your muscles growing. Every week, you’ll see yourself get bigger.
  3. Regularly change your exercise routine. Your training might comprise of working on two body parts three times a day. You can alter that by training one body part every day for six days a week. On Mondays, you might be working on your chest and biceps, and Wednesdays on your back and triceps. You can change that to chest and triceps on Mondays and back and biceps on Wednesdays. As your exercises put more stress on these muscle groups, they force your body to grow more muscles.
  4. Partial lifting is a good idea. Do you lift weights for 3 sets all the way? You can do it in a partial lifting technique of doing 1/3 of the weight on the first set, 2/3 on the second set and do full lifts during the third set. The reverse your load progression wherein you lift more weights on the first set and lesser on the second and third sets.
  5. Take muscle enhancers and muscle building supplements. Incorporate nutrition in your muscle building program. Examples of supplements you can take are creatine, protein and glutamine. Not that you have to solely depend on supplements for your muscle building nutrition, but you can use them to augment your diet.

It takes time to build muscles that’ll make you look good. Despite these tips to gain muscle fast, expect to gain 5 to 10 pounds of muscles every year as a healthy progress. Gain muscle fast with the proper exercises, nutrition and lifestyle so you can achieve the lean and attractive physique that you want.

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