Thyroid and Adrenal Glands – Gut Healing Nutrients, Vitamin C and Seasalt Supplements for Support

Thyroid and Adrenal Glands - Gut Healing Nutrients, Vitamin C and Seasalt Supplements for Support

Has your thyroid and adrenal disease been missed or mistreated? There are an estimated 60,000,000+ people today with undiagnosed hypothyroidism. Discover how gut healing nutrients, vitamin C and sea salt really help the thyroid and adrenal glands do the job they were meant to do.

Here are 3 major ways to support your thyroid and adrenal glands. Taking these kinds of supplements will help you feel better in a number of ways, and your overall health will also be much improved if you can address any factors where you have subpar thyroid or adrenal performance occurring, as these glands affect the entire body.

  1. Gut Healing Nutrients. There are several nutrients that are very important for gut healing, for healing inflammation, certainly if you have food allergies, if you have yeast, or if you have leaky gut and these items may include glutamine, the omega 3s, or Krill Oil. Aloe is very helpful, MSM, licorice can very helpful, and colostrum. Next, coconut oil is good for gut health, good for thyroid, good for improving your weight, and may even have some benefits for brain health. So coconut oil is another simple, easy thing that you can add as a nutrient into your body. Probiotics are essential probably for everyone, but certainly if there is gut inflammation, if you have food allergies, if you have yeast. Again, probiotics mean you are putting the good bacteria back in to replace the bad bacteria and yeast, and the function of the intestines is dramatically improved and probiotics even help for weight loss and for mood problems and mental health. So replace those bad bacteria with good bacteria by taking probiotics.
  2. Vitamin C’s Remarkable Properties. Vitamin C is good for every human being on the planet, and it’s really critical for fatigue and especially for adrenal fatigue and adrenal burnout. Vitamin C is not made by human beings or other primates, and also fruit bats and guinea pigs are not able to make vitamin C in their liver, we lost the ability, so we need to take in more vitamin C than just to prevent scurvy and dying within a few months. We need it for our vascular system, our joints, our connective tissue, and absolutely for our adrenals – at least 2000 mg a day, is the preferred dose. It is available from Life Extension, from Pure Encapsulations, and you can get it in capsules, sometimes powdered, buffered form, and even chewables. It’s excellent for kids to adults, any age. For adults at least 2000 mg, children, 1000 mg would be reasonable.
  3. Let’s Talk Salt. Next, tip number three, salt is very important for the body. Our bodies require salt, and you need to use unprocessed sea salt that is not white, that has all the good trace minerals in it. It may be Celtic, or Himalayan Salt from deep deposits in the earth that have all the preserved natural minerals. If you have white salt, it is not the right salt; it has been made to look good, but all the minerals have been removed. Sources (of unprocessed sea salt) are available from health food stores.

There you have it – 3 more super tips to put to use; these three supplements will provide a boost to your thyroid, adrenal, and perhaps overall health. As far as these and other supplements go, you may want to consider testing to see if you are deficient in any areas, thereby knowing what you need to be taking and what kind of dosage is appropriate. It is safe to say that most people would benefit from Vitamin C, coconut oil, omega 3s or Krill Oil, sea salt and probiotics at some level to start. Please catch our next article on Detoxification and Sleep where we will inform and educate on more ways to support thyroid and adrenal health.


Diane Culik, MD

ABC Wellness

Source by Diane A. Culik, MD

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