Benefits of Natural Whey Protein

Benefits of Natural Whey Protein

Regardless of age, everybody needs protein in their daily diet, and everyone can easily reap the benefits of natural whey protein. Most people have heard of amino acids. Protein is a compound that is composed from both non-essential and essential amino acids. Our bodies have the ability to produce non-essential amino acids from the other essential amino acids found in our bodies. On the other hand, our bodies cannot produce the essential amino acids. The only way to obtain these is by consuming protein rich food. One the best sources of quality protein is natural whey.

So, what is natural whey and where does it come from? We have all heard of “Little Miss Muffet eating her curds and whey.” Well, whey is a by-product of milk. The curds that Miss Muffet ate were one of the two by-products that come from producing cheese from milk. The other product, or liquid that is left over from that process, is whey.

Any food source that contains all the essential amino acids is considered to be a complete protein. Whey is a complete protein that is found in three forms, isolate, concentrate, hydrolysate. The purest of these forms is the isolate. The benefits of natural whey is best achieved with natural whey protein isolate because of its ability to be quickly and effectively absorbed by our bodies.

Of the two most popular types of natural whey protein on the market, whey protein concentrate and whey protein isolate, the concentrate is more appropriate. Our bodies are really not designed to ingest isolated protein that is nutritionally lacking. Many properties of protein isolates are rendered ineffective during processing. The protein structure is completely damaged leaving a product that lacks immune supporting nutrients and important amino acids. Isolates provide no CLA and also contain only scant amounts of protein bound fats; or none at all. Protein bound fats are important growth factors. One other important aspect of protein isolates; they don’t usually taste very good.

Protein is vital to nutrition and should be eaten daily. Protein is great source of energy that also helps control our metabolism. The actual description and definition of metabolism is quite lengthy and complex. A basic explanation is that metabolism is a sum of chemical processes in our body that control how our cells are maintained and how those processes make energy available. A healthy metabolism is a key factor in any athletic or strength building regimen, and especially important in any weight loss program.

Many people think that only athletes and body builders can enjoy the benefits of protein powder. All diets should contain quality protein. Your individual requirements for protein will depend upon your overall lifestyle and health. Although athletes and body builders require more, whey is perfect for anyone. Whether you are trying to manage or lose weight, have special dietary needs, or are concerned about lactose intolerance the benefits of natural whey isolate are tremendous. Whatever you goal, adding whey protein to your daily diet can bring about incredibly positive changes.

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