Creatine Serums – Is Creatine in a Liquid Serum Worth the Money?

Creatine Serums - Is Creatine in a Liquid Serum Worth the Money?

Creatine Serums are available all over the internet and in main stream sports supplement stores. Creatine is a very potent muscle builder that can increase athletic performance, endurance and stamina. Creatine monohydrate is the most common form of creatine on the market and has been used for over 20 years as a sports supplement. Creatine has the ability to transform your body by helping you pack on pounds of solid muscle. For young people creatine may give extreme benefits like increased penis growth and increased height, due to it’s ability to produce more DHT in young people. This is in addition to the well studied benefits of increased muscle mass, increased satellite cell production and a reduced myostatin load in the body. All of thee make creatine the most potent muscle builder and a legal and safe alternative to anabolic steroids for young people.

First and foremost, it is created naturally in every human body and many different animals, as well. Your body provides you with some creatine every day. It is usually generated by the kidneys and liver. It metabolizes quickly but if you are not an aspiring body builder, it is likely that you do not need more than what your body already gives you. If you are a bodybuilder, you will certainly benefit from supplementation, which can have profound effects on your body. You can tell your mom, that creatine is well studied and very safe.

However, if you are engaged or about to engage in an exercise regimen and want to increase muscles and become the best you possible, you will definitely want to supplement additional compound, daily. The second place that you can get it is from meats and fish. Of course, if you are trying to be fit, it is best to avoid eating these items in any fried form. Try to add as many lean meats to your diet as possible. Still, it doesn’t appear that you will get the same benefits of creatine from simply eating meats since creatine from meats is utilized differently and most likely digested.

That all being said, are creatine serums potent or are they just very good tasting worthless supplements? Let’s compare creatine serums to some popular sports supplements and versions of this nutrient. Creatine serums are very under dosed, making them almost worthless for supplementation. They have 250mg of creatine in them which is 20 times less than you need to be effective. The optimal dose of creatine is at least 5000mg or 5g of this essential nutrient per day. At 250mg per serving, creatine serums are nearly worthless as creatine supplements. The remainder of the ingredients are basically worthless for muscle building, so you are just getting very high priced fruit syrup when you buy these popular serums. The big draw is that they taste very good, but that is due to the relatively low amount of active ingredient in them, which means of course they will taste great! If you want something that tastes good, save your money and buy very high priced fruit juices instead of these ineffective serums. Sadly, these have been on the market for over 10 years, taking people for a ride all the way. The “claimed” benefit is that the liquid serum is 100% absorb-able, but studies have shown that any powdered product is 100% absorbed, so there is no difference between a liquid and a powder product for absorption.

Creatine Serums taste great, but that’s because they contain relatively small amounts of the active ingredients. A real supplement isn’t always going to taste like fruit juice, because powders pack powerful nutrients into a potent formula. This small sacrifice is important though, since you are paying a lot of money for these creatine serum products and that money is going to waste unless you mega dose. To get an effective dose of the active ingredient in creatine serums is going to cost at a minimum of $300 per month! I am not sure about you, but I would rather spend $24.99 on a very good creatine powder supplement and not $300 for a one month supply. You need a minimum of 2500mg of creatine per day, no matter what form and at 250mg per dose in these serum products, you would have to take 10 doses a day to achieve a beneficial effect. This means a 30 dollar bottle of serum would last 3 days, which would mean you would need a whopping 10 bottles for one month!

The best products contain creatine monohydrate, cinnamon extract, hydrolyzed amino acids, L-Leucine and support nutrients like dextrose. These key ingredients all work together to give you massive pumps, immediate mass and instant results. If you want the best possible way to build muscle you will want all of these in your supplement. Your supplement must also taste good, so you don’t get sick of drinking it. You can mix your supplement with some extra flavor if you want like but they should taste great on their own.

The only supplement that meets all of my criteria for an excellent sports supplement containing creatine is Andraulic State GT from LG Sciences. This supplement tastes great and contains all of the key factors for muscle growth like the above mentioned cinnamon extract, which will cut out the bloating. It also contains essential amino acids that are hydrolyzed which means they are predigested to allow for rapid absorption along with supportive nutrients to help boost testosterone. This supplement is priced at around $24 for 45 servings, way cheaper than any serum product on the internet and a far better value. Each serving will give you over 3g of creatine, so 1-2 servings per day is optimal. You will also feel a huge boost of energy and focus because Anadraulic State GT has two potent stimulants to push you past all of your plateaus. Strength guru and 700lb bench press record holder, Jeff Johnston recently use Anadraulic State GT to break his previous 675lb bench press record at 185lb, so this is a very serious supplement for the strength and power athlete.

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