Depersonalization/Derealization – Lost in Unreality? There Is a Way Back!

Depersonalization/Derealization - Lost in Unreality? There Is a Way Back!

After long hours of researching mental disorders, mechanisms of action of various compounds and psychology I have successfully thinned out the anxiety-alleviating (as depersonalization arises from anxiety) techniques which I found inefficient and burdensome leaving me with the top of the shelf approaches that helped me the most. These are as following:

1.Supplements – Piracetam, Fish oil and BCAA (branched chained amino acids) – these are the supplements which I found most helpful in recovering from depersonalization. All of them address the symptoms intrinsic to depression such as fatigue, lack of concentration and brain fog. None of them pose any threat to your health, all have been around for decades being subject to myriad studies where they exhibited extremely low toxicity while being well tolerated as well. Piracetam possesses neuro-protective properties and works by increasing the density of NMDA receptors and sensitizing AMPA receptors both of which are implicated in learning, focus and various cognitive processes, which tend to be victimized by anxiety and depression. I have taken all of these 3 in conjunction for several months and although the effects might not be immediate they become increasingly apparent with continued use.

2.Find what your irritants/triggers are and avoid them – alcohol, tobacco and other drugs are notorious for making depersonalization worse, so might be excess sugars in your diet, lack of sleep and many other subjective matters. Every time I didn’t get enough sleep or drank caffeinated beverages I generally felt more dissociated that day so I tried to avoid these situations as much as possible. Sleep and trying to minimize stress (which can be difficult in such a state of mind) are important in recovery and the more you can bring these to their appropriate levels the better you are off. You might know what some triggers are already while others will be revealed through experience.

3.Be patient and experiment – because there are no over-night cures you will have to appreciate each positive step of which there will be many, being apprehensive about it will not help and rather lead to more depression so try to relax and bear in mind that in the end you will recover because nothing in life is permanent nor is your depersonalization. Another remark, try to experiment with various conventional/unconventional anxiety suppressing techniques that you think might bring you benefit be it some physical activity such as jogging or psychological such as getting to know anxiety and how it works. Information about the biological/psychological processes driving anxiety and depersonalization might bring more complacence into your life as they become less peculiar and ineffable. Experimenting with a diversity of approaches will allow you to pick out the practices that are more efficient for you: what might work great for me might work less for you and the other way round due to the subjective nature of our minds.

Keep your hopes up and be patient, many experience what you do right now and many overcame it so why shouldn’t you?

Source by Patrick Andersen

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