DC Workout

DC Workout

If you are looking for one of the best training programs to put on size and increase your strength than I have the program for you. I myself have tried numerous lifting programs for size, strength or size and strength. And throughout the years one of the programs that I found to be the extremely effective is DC Workout. It was designed for you to build up strength and for you to increase your size. It is build upon the principals or extreme hypertrophy, rest pauses, static holds and extreme stretching.

The idea behind hypertrophy is to put the most amount of tension on your muscles so that they can tear and than rebuild bigger and stronger. DC accomplishes this in a specific way. Let uses doing incline bench press on the smith machine. You would first do a couple of warm upsets to work up to a weight that you can do about 8 reps of. Now when you are doing those reps you take the weights down for about 2-3 seconds then you hold the weight at the bottom for1 second and explode up. Lifting in this manner is very effective more muscle gain.

The second part of the DC workout out is rest pauses. So using the same example with the incline smith machine, once you get up to the set of 8 you will actually do 2 additional sets. So you will do your first set of 8, rack the bar and take 10-15 deep breathes and then do another set. Do as many as possible and rack the bar again and take 10-15 deep breathes. After that you will do 1 more set, as many reps at possible. On this specific exercise you should get to about 15 reps. If you do more, next time increase the weight. Every week you should increase the weight or do more reps.

Static holds are typically performed on the last rep of the exercise. Once you finish with your last rep lower the bar back down to the bottom position and hold for about 20 seconds. This will increase the hypertrophy. In addition to this there is also what they call extreme stretching. So once you are done with your set of a specific muscle group you do a extreme stretch. The reason for this is it helps with recovery and the growth of your muscles because of fascial stretching. So still using the chest muscle group as an example once you are done go grab a flat bench and two dumbbells. The weight you pick depends on the your strength but what you want to do is start at the top of dumbbell bench press. You then lower the weights for about 10 seconds until you reach the bottom. Once at the bottom you hold that position for 50 seconds. This 60 seconds can be very painful so use a weight for your strength. I typically use 60 pound dumbbells.

Source by Andrew Barker

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