Diet Supplementation For Female Bodybuilders

Diet Supplementation For Female Bodybuilders

The most essential elements for women bodybuilders are vitamins and mineral formulas. To be specific, vitamin C should be divided into 3 equal portions and each portion should be taken after every meal throughout the day. This means during breakfast, lunch and supper.

Calcium is the most appropriate of all minerals to the female bodybuilder. The compound from which it is absorbed into the body is called calcium citrate. To add onto the minerals, you ought to take Chromium Picolinate which is best taken together with the necessary fatty acids which come from many animals such as fish and cattle. In fish, the products are called fish oil. Other options include extra virgin olive oil and flax-seed oil.

To boost the effectiveness of these supplements, it is advisable that women bodybuilders use meal replacement procedures of their choice which should go hand in hand with the supplementation program. The rationale for this is to add the valuable calories and protein content to the body in order to aid with the demanding metabolic needs of the female bodybuilder. Moreover, women, especially those who are not anywhere near the menopause bracket, usually go through a mineral loss period when they undergo their menses. These lost minerals need to be replaced because at no one time should the bodybuilder’s body be in a starvation mode.

Supplementation has been found to aid in the enhancement of performance although many upcoming bodybuilders continue to treat supplements with too much scepticism. For those who are not afraid, (and there is honestly no need for fear because the record of supplementation is straight), it is recommended that you go for Creatine or alternatively, you may choose Glutamine. These are the two supplements which can supplement each other and are also most effective if they are administered one after the other in your supplementation schedule. This means that you may take Creatine for the first week and then switch to Glutamine in the second week. This gives you the much-needed space for the female bodybuilder to evaluate which one is best for her.

These two supplements generally share the same qualities and it is these same qualities which are mirrored in the anabolic steroids. You may experience a feeling of freshness and alertness which are also the case with anabolic steroids. Other intrinsic effects include increased sugar levels, and an increased metabolic rate. They are without side effects as they don’t have the features of hormones.

Alternatively, there is an alternative for the wary female bodybuilder who is not comfortable with all the above options for one reason or the other. The option of bonus supplementation is another avenue you can try on and see if it will help you achieve your fitness dream. Their role is to aid with the arduous task of burning excess fat while at the same time providing the stamina and motivation for more and more workouts. These include bodybuilding faq which aid in the abs fat burnouts, the Rox Review and Tetra Review, both of which are ideal for general bodybuilding and fat-burning needs.

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