How to Cut Weight For Wrestling Without Losing Strength Or Energy – Part 1

How to Cut Weight For Wrestling Without Losing Strength Or Energy - Part 1

Are you sick and tired of watching good wrestlers turn into ‘small, weak and puny’ wrestlers because they try to cut weight  but don’t do it correctly?

So am I!!

I developed this system where I would actually eat a good amount of food from 3 sources, and I could drop around 10lbs (it varies from individual to individual) in 3 days without cutting into my strength and energy levels much.

Before I even get into it, we have to get something straight…

I am NOT telling anybody that they should cut weight… I’m merely giving you the system that I developed because I had to cut weight myself, and didn’t want to starve, dehydrate, sit in saunas, spit or take dangerous ‘water pills’ anymore… and I don’t want you to either.

Just do us both a favor first, and make sure you have a doctor’s ‘OK’ before you ever get involved with wrestling, lifting, or nutritional things.

Ok, ’nuff said… let’s get down to the first step in the “How To Cut 10lbs in 3 Days” course…

The 3 Best Weight-Cutting Foods for Fast Weight-Cutting!

For years I’ve been working with wrestlers and coaches who ‘see the light’ and begin to implement better strategies for ultimate success on the wrestling mat.

If you need to cut weight fast for wrestling and don’t have much time to do it, the normal routine for most wrestlers is to eat very little food or not at all…

You will never, ever be able to wrestle at your best if you don’t eat enough food to support the physical demands that you place on your body when you wrestle.

You can’t just eat a lot after weighing in and expect to make up for your half-a-week of starving. Your body is smarter than that… it doesn’t like it when you deprive it of it’s energy source.

So what’s the answer?

You need to eat foods that have a higher protein and fat level with low levels of complex carbohydrates…

Protein isn’t stored in your body. When you’re cutting weight, your body is struggling to find enough energy to keep up. It can’t just use body fat for energy because it wants to hold on to your fat and use your muscle for energy instead.

You ‘trick’ your body by giving it foods that are higher in protein and fat so you can eat smaller amounts but still have energy. It also gives you a better chance of recuperating quickly after you weigh-in.

Here are my favorites…

Ground Sirloin/Ground Buffalo   Either one is fine.

I love these meats when trying to cut weight fast… they have many benefits.

They are nutrient-dense… This means that you can eat less of it, and it will keep you energized while cutting weight.

They contain Branched Chain Amino Acids When you are cutting weight, your body will pull branched chain amino acids from your muscle cells for energy. This leaves you feeling weak and without energy. Eating these meats will help counteract this by supplying more BCAA’s.

They contain CLA for Fat Loss Conjugated Linoleic Acid is a fatty-acid found in red meat that can aid in fat loss… a plus for anyone on a weight-cutting mission.

They contain Creatine The mineral ‘Creatine’ that you hear so much about is actually found naturally in red meat. You’d have to eat a lot of red meat to match a single serving of powdered creatine, but it is definitely present. Creatine has strength benefits due to its muscle cell volumization properties.

Whole Eggs  One of the biggest mistakes guys make when trying to cut weight is to consume egg whites only. Egg whites are called Albumen. Albumen is a high-protein part of the food and is absolutely necessary for you to help spare your muscle tissue when your body is searching for energy. However, you should eat the yolks too because this is where the fat is. This fat is essential when you are eating low levels of complex carbohydrates or calories.

Green Salad With Olive Oil Lettuce, green peppers, red peppers, broccoli, cucumber, mushrooms, and onions are all good. The salad is consumed with meat to help digest it. Salads are loaded with minerals as well as fiber. Adding small amounts of olive oil will help you regulate your hormone levels too. Optimal hormone levels will keep you stronger, leaner and more energetic too.

If I eat ground beef or buffalo with whole eggs, and salad, I can drop up to 10lbs in 36 hours.

(There are a few more things I do… but you’ll find out in the next 4 parts)

I do this for 4 daily meals, and let my appetite determine how much to eat. Check your weight daily and when your body uses up the muscle glycogen (muscle energy) you will start dropping weight fast. This is because each gram of glycogen holds on to 3 molecules of water.

Be sure to try this out when it ‘doesn’t count.’ The last thing you want to do is experiment with how your body will react right before you have to make weight. Try it out for a day another time, and see what your body does. Then you’ll have a better idea when it actually counts.

Source by Steve Preston

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