How To Protect Your Hard Earned Muscle Mass And Strength Gains

How To Protect Your Hard Earned Muscle Mass And Strength Gains

1: Accelerating Muscle and Strength Gains

Getting to the “Next Level” is the passion and pursuit of most strength athletes. Especially ”young gun” lifters who want to gain muscle and strength TODAY instead of tomorrow. Young lifters in particular want to get to the NEXT LEVEL fast. Thanks to excellent supplements like PROHORMONES, DESIGNER CREATINE PRODUCTS, and BLENDED PROTEINS, lifters can dramatically accelerate gains in muscular mass and strength in very short time spans.

2: The Power of Proper Supplement Use

Like it or not, the proper use and “cycling” of supplements such as TRIBOLIC, Methyl EFX, and SYNTRAX MATRIX 5.0 BLENDED PROTEIN can help an athlete attain more muscle mass and strength in a couple of weeks than he could otherwise only do in 6 months or so. Most anyone who has ever utilized such products as part of their overall training regimen will attest to the validity of this claim.

3: On Cycle Training and Testosterone Boosters

Simply put, you can take no supplements, try really hard to eat right, train right, and wait a long 6 months to get to the “Next Level” – and even then, you might not really get to the next level since overtraining and improper RECOVERY techniques will have circumvented your progress. Or you can “On Cycle” you’re training with TESTOSTERONE BOOSTERS and get to the “Next Level” effectively and efficiently in no time flat.

4: Impressive Gains during On Cycle

The gains you make while you’re on an “On Cycle” can be dramatic and impressive. What used to take months to acquire in terms of muscle mass and strength is now gotten in a couple of short weeks instead of months and months of lackluster results. Plus, on top of the gains – you feel better and perform better during training, making Working-Out an activity to look forward to instead of something to dread.

5: Planning for the Off Cycle

The drawback of the “On Cycle” however is that you can’t and shouldn’t stay “ON” forever. That’s right, you’re eventually going to have to get “OFF” the “ON CYCLE” to give your body ”a break”! Most gurus in the supplement industry recommend being on an “ON CYCLE” for 6-8 weeks at a time. Getting off the “On Cycle” is an important chapter in your overall training regimen schedule and should be planned for carefully.

6: The Importance of Post Cycle Therapy

Failure to carefully plan for your “OFF CYCLE” periods of training and supplementation can often mean that you’ll “GIVE BACK” or lose all the strength and mass gains you achieved while being “ON”. Just a little bit of planning and research on your part can effectively PREVENT you from having to “GIVE BACK” or lose any of your hard-earned gains achieved during your “On Cycle”. As you get closer and closer to having to get off of your “On Cycle” you should be planning and researching the benefits of using POST CYCLE THERAPY PRODUCTS such as GENUINE TRIBULUS TERRISTRIS EXTRACT, and 6-OXO.

7: Preserving Gains with HMB and Creatine

So at this point you are on your POST CYCLE THERAPY supplement regimen which is doing wonders to restore your body’s own testosterone. Even your SEX DRIVE is back to normal or even improved overall. But you still face the nemesis of losing A LOT of your muscle mass and strength – so your 2nd goal during your “OFF CYCLE” is to take some other SUPPLEMENTS in addition to your PCT products to stave off any deterioration of strength and muscle mass.

8: Harnessing the Power of HMB and Creatine

HMB plus CREATINE used TOGETHER are the 1-2 punch you need to keep your muscle mass and strength during your off cycle. There is irrefutable evidence and research that supports the efficacy of these two often overlooked “Old School” supplements.

9: The Benefits of HMB

HMB has a ton of great research behind it substantiating its renowned claims of being able to help you prevent muscle catabolism (protein breakdown) and at the same time being able to improve your strength and lean body mass to fat ratio.

10: The Synergistic Effects of Creatine

In addition to the muscle-sparing effects, HMB has been proven to go even further in its attributes – namely the ability to help you, the athlete, improve muscle mass and strength. It almost sounds too good to be true, but it is true – Iowa State University has tons of documented evidence supporting HMB’s claim to fame – they conducted a lot of the independent research validating HMB’s awesome benefits for the athletes.

11: Using HMB and Creatine during the Off Cycle

The main idea to remember here is that during your “Off Cycle” when your muscles may “want to shrink” on you because you’re off the test-boosting stuff – you can thwart that problem easily by taking 3 grams of HMB per day. You would want to start on HMB about 10 days before you’re getting ready to be off of your “On Cycle”. This way you can have it doing its “magic” in your system just in time for the beginning of your off cycle.

12: The Importance of Creatine Monohydrate

Now – don’t forget about HMB’s partner in crime during your “Off Cycle”, namely CREATINE MONOHYDRATE. Just plain old creatine monohydrate (by itself), not with all the other stuff that can be combined with it. As you know, Creatine is tremendously effective in delaying the onset of fatigue during exercise and also increases power output. This means that you can pump out more reps per set plus use more weight also! Precisely what you want to be able to keep doing while you’re on the “Off Cycle”.

13: The Key to Maintaining Gains

By combining HMB with Creatine, you can effectively take advantage of powerful synergistic benefits not available with other run-of-the-mill supplements. The idea is to make sure that you KEEP all the muscle and strength you acquired during your “On Cycle” so that when you do your next “On Cycle”, you will be beginning from an even better standpoint than you did on the previous “On Cycle”. This ensures that you are progressing from cycle to cycle and bridging your “On Cycles” with great “Off Cycles”.

14: Easy and Safe Supplementation

The icing on the cake is that HMB & Creatine are each very safe to use. To easily facilitate the use of HMB plus Creatine, you can try BETAGEN by EAS. It combines both ingredients into an easy-to-use powder that you can mix in water once or twice a day. Or you can buy Creatine by itself and HMB by itself and take them throughout the day according to the label instructions. Personally, I trust HMB by EAS and PHOSPHAGEN (pure creatine monohydrate) by EAS. Both have the reputation of being the best products in their respective categories.


So to sum it all up: when you are “On Cycle”, you can take advantage of the power of PROHORMONES, DESIGNER CREATINE PRODUCTS, and BLENDED PROTEINS to achieve rapid muscle and strength gains. However, it’s crucial to plan for the “Off Cycle” and implement proper POST CYCLE THERAPY to preserve your gains. Supplementing with HMB and Creatine during the off cycle can effectively maintain muscle mass and strength. By utilizing these strategies, you can optimize your training results and continue progressing from cycle to cycle.

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