Kosher Whey Protein – The Same Benefits For Your Body

Kosher Whey Protein - The Same Benefits For Your Body

Whey is a by product of cheese and is manufactured from cow’s milk. But in order to make kosher cheese one must use rennet from an animal that was slaughtered and koshered properly. The halacha does not accept cheese that was coagulated with non kosher rennet or non kosher enzymes. For the cheese to be considered kosher a Yehudi – a person who observes and follows the laws of kashrus, must put the rennet, starter culture or other coagulation media into the milk.

Kosher whey protein must be made from organic milk. This eliminates the external growth hormones and antibiotics. And cows that are raised organically produce milk that is higher in protein. They normally contains less fillers and additives compared to non-organic ones. Regular whey proteins may contain extra sugars and colorants but organic whey ones rarely have them. These qualities make kosher very pure and environmentally conscious.

There are various kosher ones available in the market today. Maximum 100% pure Whey Protein Isolate by Inner Life is one such product. It is low in carbohydrates and high in proteins. It is available in two flavors – chocolate and vanilla. It is rich in essential amino acids. According to Inner Life whey isolates are better than whey concentrates. When using concentrates the body only absorbs 80% of the proteins but in case of isolates 98% is absorbed. Their product is fructose free. When fructose is ingested it is sent to the liver right away and is an eminent building block in the manufacture of triglycerides. The triglycerides enter the bloodstream and are carried and deposited in the artery walls by the LDL cholesterol. Inner Life uses Sucralose instead.

Another way to ingest them is to use whey protein bars by Biochem 100% Raw Foods & Whey. These are chocolate, nut and raisin bars. They contain 0g of trans fat and refined sugar. 89% of the ingredients are organic there are no preservatives. They are cold processed, made from organic fruit, nuts and seeds and are wheat and gluten free. Some of the other ingredients are organic date paste, organic honey, whey protein isolate, organic alkalized cocoa powder and organic cashews, almonds, raisins, blueberries, flax seeds, canola oil and lecithin.

Nutriteck’s whey protein isolate 95 is one more great kosher option. It is kosher certified and contains no additives, inert fillers, sugars or artificial ingredients of any kind. It has no after taste and can be added to water, juice, oatmeal and various cereals. It is 100% agglomerated and includes micro and ultra filtration. It is lab tested for purity. It contains less than 1 g of carbohydrates and fats per scoop. It is an ideal product for dieters and athletes.

As you can see, you do not have to miss out on the great benefits of whey proteins just because you need a kosher product. There are many great products available in the market for you to choose from.

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