Nutrition for Athletes – A Look at Recoverite From Hammer Nutrition

Nutrition for Athletes - A Look at Recoverite From Hammer Nutrition

Define Your Needs

Post workout weight training supplements are plentiful. When it comes to finding the right one, it can sometimes be a bit daunting to find the ones that provide good nutrition for athletes, given their specific goals. For many weightlifters or pro to semi-pro body builders, going with something that has a lot of calories and protein makes sense. But if you aren’t looking for enormous gains, something a little more moderate might be a better fit.

Recoverite is a post workout supplement created by Hammer Nutrition that fits into that well-balanced category. It comes in three flavors: Citrus, Chocolate, and Strawberry. Even though the directions say to mix with water, I almost always mix my protein shakes and recovery drinks with low-fat milk or almond milk. That being said, I dodged the citrus flavor thinking that might not go so well with a milk type product.


One of the first things many people ask when looking for the best muscle-building supplement is, “How does it taste?” I know I always ask that. Recoverite definitely delivers on good taste. Both the strawberry and the chocolate flavors have a creamy, not too sweet flavor that is sure to make you look forward to the end of your workout (maybe you already were). As mentioned before, I definitely recommend trying it with a low fat milk or an almond milk if you don’t like the results with plain water. For taste alone, it is worth a test.

What makes Recoverite unique?

Many products out there boast huge amounts of protein and other ingredients. One of the nice things about Recoverite is it’s balance. It provides a 3:1 carbohydrate to protein ratio that more and more research suggests is optimal for post workout muscle rebuilding and glycogen synthesis. The protein comes from pure whey protein isolate which has proven again and again to absorb better in the body than other types of protein. The calories are fairly low considering some of the competition weighing in at a sparse 170 when mixed with water. There are no grams of fat, 32 grams of carbs, and 10 grams of protein. I love that there are only 3 little grams of sugar.

Results and Thoughts

That last statistic may be off-putting to some but that 3:1 ratio is the key for Recoverite’s success. I performed a workout routine for ten weeks, five weeks without using Recoverite and five weeks with it. I could definitely tell that my muscles were considerably less sore the day after an intense workout while using the product. However, it needs to be said that if you are looking for big gains in your muscles and weight, Recoverite can be a great part of what will need to be a broader supplement regimen. There’s just not enough protein and there aren’t enough calories in it to be a stand alone supplement for the heavier weight lifting goals. But if your objective is increasing functional strength for sports, I highly recommend Recoverite. It’s a terrific product with great taste.

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