Protein Blends – The Best Way To Build Muscle

Protein Blends - The Best Way To Build Muscle

Purchasing supplements can be an extremely difficult process as you’re bombarded with many answers from bodybuilding forums, internet “specialists”, supplement store “experts” and your local gym rat.

Well, with a growing amount of research and an immense spike in the supplement industry over the last decade, scientists have been able to understand the concept of protein supplements better.

Whey vs. Casein

A growing body of research over years of work now confirms that a proprietary blend of protein sources far exceeds the simple single source of protein most products are selling to you. A combination of fast-digesting whey protein immediately supplies your body with the right nutrients to recover from a brutal workout. On the other hand, the medium to slow-digesting protein blend, such as the casein blend, supplies your body with the right nutrients at a steady rate that feeds your body through the day/night. A combination of these two protein blends only speaks for itself. Not only are you absorbing fast digesting protein but also slow-digesting, fueling your body through a hectic day, continuously helping the muscle-building and recovery process.

Whey protein is digested immensely and at a rapid rate allowing insulin levels to spike again after a workout that drained your body of energy. The whey protein supplies the muscles in your body with the appropriate amino acids that furthermore spike the MSI (muscle protein synthesis). The muscle protein synthesis is the major reason in repairing the damaged proteins and aiding in building new ones for faster and more effective muscle growth. The fast digesting process of this protein is effective only till the point your protein synthesis drops again. This is where the proprietary blend of slow-digesting micellar casein comes in. This protein blend acts as a protein blend that slowly and steadily provides your body with the fuel it needs to continuously be fed and thus recover and grow.

The combination of both has proved to be the best blend. This reason being due to the continuous supplementation of amino acids carried out by the casein and whey protein sources. When the whey protein discontinued to supply these amino acids to the muscle protein synthesis, the slow-digesting blend takes over, leaving your body with a continuous flow of amino acids to recover and grow.

The Takeaway

The most powerful combination of both fast and slow digesting proteins allows your body to refuel, recharge, and recover in order to grow muscle. Don’t forget to eat well, as supplements are always excellent but that is exactly what they are, supplements. Eating the correct foods that meet all your macronutrients and micronutrients requirements, and getting the adequate rest serves as the perfect formula in recovery and growth.

Source by Mohammad Siddiqui

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