Proserum Whey – The Super Protein That Powers the Cocoa Cassava Bar

Proserum Whey - The Super Protein That Powers the Cocoa Cassava Bar

How busy is your lifestyle? If you have so much going on in your life, don’t be surprised if you often feel tired and run down. Sometimes, you don’t even have time to eat and are forced to skip a meal.

This has become an unhealthy trend. That’s why many people feel inclined to eat an energy bar or a meal replacement bar. These food bars provide something quick and convenient to eat and often make big promises, like increasing energy and mental alertness, providing a source of good nutrition or even boost your athletic performance.

But have you actually found one that delivered on its promises?

Cocoa cassava bars combine all the benefits of a natural energy bar, nutritional bar and meal replacement bar. Most food bars actually contain loads of sugar and unhealthy fats, and are no better than a common candy bar.

So what sets a cocoa cassava bar apart from the rest? One of the main reasons why the cocoa cassava bar is probably the most health-promoting bar on the market today is because it contains Proserum Whey Protein, the highest quality native whey protein made from raw milk.

Whey is known as the best source of biologically active protein. Whey protein helps provide you with more energy by helping you digest and use protein more efficiently and helps promote your optimal intake of carbohydrates, essential fats and vitamins and minerals. It also contains all the essential amino acids, including gluthathione – your body’s main antioxidant.

Proserum® Whey Protein is produced using proprietary filtration and drying and does not use any process that could harm the original proteins found in raw milk. Probably the finest quality, biologically active whey protein ever produced, Proserum® Whey contains a complete amino acid profile, including an exceptional amount of cysteine, the precursor of gluthathione. Proserum® Whey also contains high levels of important protein components, including:

lactoferrin – enhances iron absoption, supports your immune system and promotes optimal inflammation levels

immunoglobins – substances that boost your immune system

bovine serum albumin – contains glutamine and cysteine, which are necessary for gluthathione production

active peptides – specialized amino acids that show a helpful information transfer effect on the immune system and help boost intracellular gluthathione

growth factors – growth-promoting protein fractions that help regenerate old or injured cells, build and retain muscles, promote efficient energy use, enhance immunity, and support healthy blood sugar and brain chemicals

Proserum® Whey is the super protein that powers the cocoa cassava bars. Grab a cocoa cassava bar now to experience optimal nutrition in every bite!

Source by Shania Smith

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