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Understanding Protein and Its Importance

Image Of Understanding Protein And Its Importance Understanding Beast Nutrition
[ad_1] The word “Protein” comes from the Greek work “Protos” which means “Of prime importance”. Protein is the main building block of the human body, if you were to compare your body to a building, protein would be the raw material. Like fats, and carbohydrates, proteins are composed of oxygen, hydrogen, and carbon. The actual […]

Understanding Whey Protein

Image Of Understanding Whey Protein Understanding Beast Nutrition
[ad_1] Whey protein is a mixture of proteins which are less or more soluble in the aqueous solutions and are isolated from the whey. Whey or milk plasma is a by-product of the manufacturing process of cheese and is used on a large commercial scale to produce whey protein. Whey protein is a mixture of […]