Top 10 Foods High in Protein

Top 10 Foods High in Protein

You should always have foods high in protein at home if you try to build muscle or gain weight.

Muscles need protein to survive and the more energy you use the more protein does you muscles require. You might wonder, what is the most healthy and best protein source? I have gathered a list of the 10 best foods in protein.

1. Chicken Breast – 3.5 oz has a whole 30g of protein (pick the leanest meat you can find).

2. Tuna – The fattest fish on the planet, 6 oz has 40g of protein.

3. Salmon – Another fat fish that tastes really good. 3.5oz include 27g of protein.

5. Pork Loin – 4 oz has 29g of protein.

4. Eggs – One breakfast egg has 7g of protein.

5. Milk – 1 glass of milk has 8g of protein.

6. Cheese – Hard to measure but cheese has a lot of protein.

7. Peanuts – 1/4 cup has 9g of protein.

8. Peanut Butter – 2 tablespoons has 8g.

9. Yogurt – 10g protein per cup.

10. Bacon – 3g in 1 slice.

Sticking to these high protein foods should help your muscle production and give you enough energy. Just remember that foods high in protein means nothing if you don’t use them properly and follow a sound nutritional plan. Try to get a good nutrition plan and stick to it.

The best protein food supplemental you can buy is whey protein. This is the ultimate food and has been proven to be the best protein food. There are many different kinds of supplements that include the whey protein and that might be the subject of another article. Hope you now know what foods are high in protein.

Source by John Darson

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