What Protein to Choose?

What Protein to Choose?

Right first off we all know protein is an important part of our diet. But what different protein powders are out there and what ones to choose. Let’s start with the different types of protein powders.

So what is whey….? Whey protein is derived from milk it is produced during the process of making cheese; it is the clear liquid that is left after Coagulation and curd are removed; whey comes in many forms including sweet, acid. Demineralised and reduced. The reduced and demineralised whey are found in other products than supplements. Whey protein is a high quality, complete protein which means it has all the essential amino acids. Whey protein is easy to digest and efficiently absorbed into the body. It is often referred to as a “fast” protein for its ability to quickly provide nourishment to muscles in the morning or after a workout.

So what is Casein….? Casein protein comes from milk as well; it makes up 80% of the protein found in milk while the other 20% is whey protein, this type of protein is the opposite of whey as casein is commonly known as the slow digesting protein. Casein protein can form a gel or colt in the stomach this is good because it creates a sustained release of amino acids into the body (blood stream). This is good if you take this of a night before you go to bed.

So what is Egg…..? Egg protein is basically that, it is the protein found in eggs. Egg protein is considered to be the perfect protein because of its biological value. Biological value is that from the protein that is absorbed the amount that is retained is measured. egg protein has a biological value of 100, fish and beef have a biological value of 75 so this is why people refer to egg protein as the perfect protein. Also egg protein has a high branched chain amino acid content which is good to help protein synthesis.

So what is soya…..? Soya protein is used as an ingredient in such things as salad dressing, and vegetarian food soya is also good to use if you’re a vegetarian or are lactose intolerant. But soya does have some disadvantages such as it does not mix very well, and personally it is not the nicest tasting protein powders out there, but you might like it epically if you are a vegetarian or lactose intolerant but from personal experience if you are not a vegetarian then you should stick to whey and casein but everyone is different.

So what is Buckwheat….? Buckwheat is not a grain, but a plant and is related to rhubarb, buckwheat protein is gluten free which makes it good for people who are sensitive to wheat or other grains that contain glutens. It also has a biological value of about 90 which is good, and there is some research on buckwheat as a heart healthy protein, and that it reduced cholesterol absorption by half.

So what is milk…? As you read above milk protein contains both casein and whey protein, they are extracted from milk and used in supplements.

So what is Goat milk….? Goat milk protein is made the same way cow’s milk protein is, and contains whey and casein

I hope this has helped, in my opinion the best two are whey and casein.

Source by Kevin Willey

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