Boosting Immunity is among Top searched articles of the year 2020 apart from others like COVID 19.

We are very much aware of the fact that only a person with good immunity can fight with this deadly disease spread in the entire world.

Immunity in its basic definition can be defined as the body special powers to protect itself from various diseases naturally. It helps in the prevention of developing pathogenic microorganisms in the body which causes the body to fall ill.

Our body has two types of Immunity one is that we get from our mother through breastfeeding.

This is termed as Passive Immunity.

And the other one is Natural Immunity which is derived from antibodies generated by our own body.


Here Let’s Study a few important tips on How we can immune our body from COVID and other deadly diseases?


Germs can easily enter our body if we don’t wash our hands before eating and hence weakens our immune system,

Following good habits in lifestyle like maintaining proper hygiene of your body plays one of the major roles in boosting immunity. Also, washing hands and keeping it away from the face and nose is one of the important precautions to protect from COVID.

In short, we can make our body more Immune by maintaining proper Hygiene and make this 

a regular part of our lifestyle.


We all have heard of this phrase “We become what we Eat”. This is so true as the food we eat today decides our health in the future.

To build our immune system we must take a balanced diet including vegetables and fruits rich with vitamins and minerals.

Vitamins have a major role in boosting immunity and different vitamins have a different role in the same.

For example :

Vitamin A: Food such as carrots, grapefruit, orange, apricot is rich in Vitamin A.It helps in healthy eyesight, strengthens bones, and helps in maintaining good skin.

Vitamin C: It helps in fighting cold and flu. Also helps in preventing inflammation in the body.

Food items rich in vitamin C are mango, papaya, kale, broccoli, strawberries, and many others.

Vitamin D: Sunbath is one of the natural sources of Vitamin D.While other food sources that help in removing vitamin D deficiency are salmon, Egg yolk, mushrooms, yogurt, etc.

Vitamin D in our body is very much essential as it regulates the immune and neuromuscular system. It also helps in maintaining the life cycle of human cells.

Minerals: Minerals also play a vital role in the growth and development of our body. Major minerals our body needs are Iron, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, sodium, potassium, and zinc.

Minerals are also important along with vitamins for the proper immune system and its deficiency 

Can cause weak bones, fatigue, and other diseases like scurvy, Beriberi, Rickets, and Pellagra.

We become what we Eat- DIET TIPS FOR COVID 19

So, A Healthy diet rich in all sources of vitamins and minerals is very much needed for raising our body immunity to fight against COVID and all types of diseases.


For a healthy body outside, we require a healthy peaceful mind inside.

Yoga and Meditation transform not only our body but has a great impact on our soul as well.

Major health issues currently are due to the current lifestyle and so much stress all around.

Yoga not only helps in flexibility of the body but helps to build both physical and mental strength.

Yoga and meditation are a powerful mindful practice that helps in lowering blood pressure and hence stress.

It is a proven fact that regular yoga practice can help support, balance, and boost the immune system and hence increases body immunity to cure many health issues.


Enough sleep is as much important for a healthy body as nutrients and exercise. A human body requires 6-8 hours of sleep daily.

Researchers say a good sleep enhances the ability of T cells in our body that helps in fighting with infections and the flu.

Good sleep also increases the recovery time of the body and therefore increases its immunity.


Water is one of the most essential in the human body and a well-hydrated body is a healthy body

Almost 70% of the Human body is made up of water and helps in performing its major functions

such as produces saliva which is important for digestion and allows body cells to grow, reproduce, and survive.

It’s advised to drink an adequate amount of water daily to let the body parts function properly.


Being either Overweight or Underweight both give birth to various health issues and hence maintaining a healthy weight with ideal BMI is equally important.

For maintaining a healthy weight we just have to maintain a balance between intake and Out of Energy. As the amount of energy, we take inside in terms of food should always be equal to the amount of energy we use in breathing, digesting food, and other physical work to maintain a healthy weight.

The more ideal the weight, the more is its capability to fight to protect the body and hence more is its immunity.


 Alcohol and smoking are two killers of our immune system and can badly affect our bodies.

Smoking can damage the lungs and other respiratory can disturb sleep pattern also.

It’s better to avoid their consumption and focus on other healthy food and drinks that help in boosting body immunity.

The Art of Living lies in the art of healthy living.- COVID 19 TIPS

By making the above dietary and lifestyle changes along with few others like managing stress levels and staying calm and happy from within one can reinforce their body to defend or fight against various harmful pathogens

The Art of Living lies in the art of healthy living.

Stay Healthy!

Enjoy Life!

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