Covid 19 Affecting Mental Health

COVID 19 a 2020 pandemic spreading widely worldwide. This respiratory virus passing from one to another person has created so panic all across.

People are losing jobs, fear of isolation, and getting affected by this deadly virus is affecting Mental Health as well.

We all are feeling so helpless because of this situation and continuously attacking by Anxiety, Fear which is leading us towards Depression.

Taking care of Mental wellbeing has become so challenging nowadays that every other person is facing this issue the other day.

We all know that both Physical and Mental health is important to lead a healthy, peaceful, and stress-free life. So, It’s better to keep reminding ourselves regularly that this situation is temporary and we will rise again very soon.

Though this new normal of wearing a mask every time before going outside or washing hands/sanitizing them every hour and working from home is a little difficult to getting used to but the fact that this is the only solution we have as of now.

There are many things we can do to look after our mental health and help others as well who need the same.

Coping with the current situation can become a little easy with the following habits in Lifestyle.


Working from home is a luxury as it saves a lot of travel time and office distractions but we have to follow a routine and work according to a fixed timetable. This will increase our work efficiency and sticking to a routine can help us do many things in a day.

All we have to do is wake and sleep at on same time with a fixed timetable of the day to stay motivated and mindful.

By having a fixed timetable for doing office work and practicing yoga or our favorite activity we can feel the positive energy flowing in our mind which leads to a healthy mental state.


Connecting with people socially also helps in reducing stress and maintains overall health but COVID 19 has made it quite impossible to meet people in person and maintain social distance. 

We can still be connected with our family, friends, and other positive people overall a call or through other online social networking options.

This will help us to release our emotions from time to time will ultimately affect our mental health.

Regular communication is a real cure to support mental wellbeing.


Since from the beginning of this pandemic, we are been feed with many fake, unwanted information on news channels, social platforms, and others

which is resulting in increased anxiety, stress, and negativity all around.

For regular updates fix a time and source for the information and avoid all other sources. It’s required to limit your exposure to media and other social groups that affects mental health.


Always keep your mind engaged in playful activities. Play video games, listen to good music, or try some art n craft.

This will always give you a feel-good factor about life and keep the mind more relaxed and smiling.


Various supplements boost mental health like omega3, Vitamin D, B12, and folate.

All these are somehow connected or helps in boosting the nervous system and hence a relaxed mind.


Writing down your thoughts helps in balancing out emotions. Journal your thoughts to give the mind a list of things that can be controlled by you or not.

It also helps in bringing clarity of thoughts in mind.

Just start with pen down all your activities of the day and things that made you smile or sad. It will help in reducing stress and removing all the negative thoughts from the mind.


We know the phrase” We get what we give” and it’s very true in real life.

By spreading a smile or motivation among surroundings we get it back in return automatically.

Try to make at least one person happy a day by doing something for them or just simply confronting their sadness. It will give a feeling of satisfaction which helps in reducing your stress levels.


Gratitude is the biggest stress buster. Be thankful for all the good things in your life.We may have many things which others are just dreaming of.

Attitude Of Gratitude

Make a habit of giving 10 minutes every morning to be thankful for things you are blessed with and wish for others around.

Be thankful to all the COVID 19 warriors who are continuously doing their jobs only for well being of people around.

Gratitude not only removes stress or anxiety but helps to stay grounded which then helps to reach success.


We still think mental illness as taboo. It is risking out many lives. There is nothing bad or wrong in not feeling healthy mentally.

Mental illness is the same as other physical body illnesses.

Please consult a doctor and take medications if you are not feeling mentally active or happy.

Mental Health Awareness

As they say its completely OK to not be OK sometimes but just keep in mind you don’t have to go at this alone. Help is always available.

Fear is the normal reaction to things that are uncertain but we have to stay patient, calm, and kind to others.

Situations in life are always temporary likewise this current pandemic COVID 19. We all have to stay strong both physically and mentally to fight with it.

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