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One of the stubborn fat around our body which is most difficult to get rid of is Visceral fat or Lower belly fat. Apart from not letting you wear your favorite Crop top with those skinny jeans, it disturbs both physical and mental health status.

People with lower belly fat are at more risk for Type 2 Diabetes and Heart disease. It also develops a feeling of inferiority complex and ends up affecting mental health as well.

Though it can be a little challenging to remove that portion of Fat from your body. But as they say “Where there’s a will there’s a way”

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Let’s get started with a few tried and tested Tips to lose Belly fat in lesser time.

All you need is to devote yourself fully and follow these tips properly.


Make a habit of doing cardio or strength exercise/aerobics daily. It is the most effective way of losing belly fat or fat from any part of the body. The following exercise daily for 30 minutes minimum will help in losing lower belly fat easily in less time.

a.) Burpees

Burpees work effectively for almost all body parts. It can burn up to 50% more fat than other conventional speed training exercises. Burpees also help increase metabolism and burn extra calories throughout the day.

b.) Treadmill Workout

It is also one of the best aerobic exercises/workouts. Walking on a treadmill along with a healthy diet and strength training helps in losing fat and achieving weight goals.

c.)Abdominal Crunches

It is the most popular abdominal exercise which helps in tightening muscles of the abdomen and losing extra fat around that area. Apart from that it also strengthens and reduces pain in the lower back area.


Plank is one of the best exercises that help in burning calories. It helps in the core strength of the body. For losing belly fat, make a goal of holding the plank for a minimum of 60 seconds to 3 minutes.


Studies have proved that walking or running for 30 minutes or more daily can help in reducing fat around the belly and other areas. Brisk walking for 30-40 minutes daily can tone up the thighs and helps in achieving a slimmer waistline.


HIIT or High-Intensity interval training is also the most effective cardio exercise that helps in reducing fat from the body and increasing its metabolism.


Atkins or Keto is more popular names of a High protein and low carb diet. Both these diets are the most effective ways of losing weight and unwanted body fat.

Including good protein sources in meals helps in increasing the metabolism of the body and shedding extra waistline. Also, removing harmful carbs such as white bread, pasta, sweetened yogurt and more from your daily intake of food helps in staying fit as well as prevents various illnesses/diseases.



Sugar is one of the high-calorie products which automatically results in weight gain in the human body. Apart from gaining weight it also has a bad impact on health as it is responsible for many health issues such as diabetes, heart diseases, and many others. It also disturbs the immunity of the body and lowers its capacity of fighting illness. 

For Losing Weight or Lower belly fat, it is advised to lessen the intake of sugar products and completely avoid food with high sugar content. We all know for maintaining a healthy weight we need to balance out the Energy(Calorie) intake with Energy out and the easiest way is by cutting out sugar intake.

Cutting out sugar can be done by adding the following measures in lifestyle

a.)Try to consume only natural sugar rather than added sugar.

b.)Limit fruit intake.

c.)Avoid fruit juices especially with preservatives and added sugar.

d.)Avoid sugar-filled breakfast.


Trans fat food such as cakes, cookies, frozen pizza, french fries is very harmful as it increases the level of harmful LDL cholesterol in the bloodstream and reduces the level of beneficial HDL cholesterol. It is advised to stay away from Trans fat food as it causes inflammation in the body along with abdominal fat gain.


Alcohol does have a contribution to increasing fat around the lower abdomen. Extra amounts of calories in beer and other alcoholic beverages add lower belly fat. It is said that drinking water before or after taking alcohol may help in reducing inflammation caused by it and hence also helps in making the stomach less bloated.

Excessive alcohol intake is associated with the increased waistline and hence to avoid such advice is to take is moderate quantity if it can’t be avoided completely.


Soluble fiber is found in foods like oats, apple, beans, peas, citrus fruits, carrots, and others. This food forms a gel by absorbing water and hence improves digestion procedure. Foods with more soluble fiber make you feel fuller soon and hence helps in avoiding overeating.

Try to add more and more soluble fiber in the diet to help to lose weight and lower belly fat


Stress hormone cortisol can lead to excess abdominal fat. Minimizing stress should be the topmost priority for losing lower belly fat. Many pleasurable activities and practicing Yoga can help in diverting mind and hence help in reducing stress.,


Many studies and Animal research has shown that drinking Apple cider vinegar on an empty stomach may help in reducing that visceral fat.

Image Of How To Lose Belly Fat In 10 Days Diet Guides Beast Nutrition

Taking 1-2 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar diluted with water daily has many health benefits as well as help to cut that excess storage fat in the middle of the abdomen.

Although all the above Tips and Tricks are well researched, tested, and tried but still weight loss is no magic. It requires serious efforts and patience along with the commitment of adopting all the measures without any cheat.

Hope this article helps in losing a few inches around the waist and brings a smile curve on your face. 🙂

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