LOW CARB, HIGH FAT DIET – Boon or Bane??

LOW CARB, HIGH FAT DIET - Boon or Bane??

A Low Carb, High Fat diet is more popularly known by two names “ATKINS or “KETOGENICDiet.

Both these diets are done by reducing the daily intake of carbohydrates and focussing only on high-fat food such as Meat, Fish, cheese and more. People who tend to lose weight follow this LCHF (Atkins/Ketogenic)diet regularly.

Apart from losing weight, this diet has other health benefits also.

This diet helps in Type 2 diabetes as it reduces the intake of high carbonated glucose products such as processed sugar and white bread.

Also, Nowadays many women are suffering from PCOD (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome), which irregulates the periods and therefore increases the difficulty in conceiving and the only cure to this hormonal disorder is control in the diet by altering intake of few food items which are similar to with those in a Ketogenic diet. 

Before moving further with the benefits and side effects of this diet. Let’s understand more clearly how both these diets work and differ from each other.

Atkins & Ketogenic diet both are practised by lowering intake of carbohydrates from daily food consumption. However, the latter one is a more typical way than the first one which is a little simple and mostly recommended by all health experts while starting this diet.


To give more close look on both diet structures of LCHF diet lets begin with,



This type of LCHF diet is done by cutting refined and processed carbs like white bread and processed sugars only but focus on food-based carbohydrates such as fruits, beans and whole grains.

ATKINS DIET is followed in four stages discussed as below :

a)Stage 1 During this phase or at the start of this diet carbohydrate intake is reduced to 20 g per day for two weeks.

b)Stage 2- A person can add more low carb vegetables, fruits and nuts in their diet.

c)Stage 3- This is the phase when a person generally reaches their goal weight and 

can add more good carbs in their diet.

d)Stage 4 As long as a person doesn’t start gaining weight he/she can start eating whole grain and other healthy carbs in their daily diet intake.

This is a more casual or structured plan of Low Carb High Fat Diet.

Next in this Diet plan is, 


Ketogenic or Keto diet on the other hand is a very strict diet with a very low intake of carbohydrates and high protein fat intake.

This drastic reduction in carbs puts the body in a metabolic state called Ketosis.

In this process the body starts burning the fat for energy efficiently. Fat in the liver is also turned into Ketones which then supply energy to the Brain.

Different Types of Ketogenic Diets: 

a.) Standard Ketogenic Diet –  Its basic Keto diet which includes very high fat intake with medium protein and very low carbs.

 Ratio to understand the proportion is 75% Fat, 20% Protein and 5% Carbs.

b.) Cyclical Ketogenic Diet –  This Keto diet is generally practised by athletes and bodybuilders. As defined by its name, this diet works on cycles/days like 5 days dedicated to normal Keto diet and rest 2 days to high carbs.

c.) Targeted Ketogenic Diet-   This diet is also less common in practice and it allows to add carbs around workouts.


d.) High Protein Ketogenic Diet This is more or less similar with standard Keto diet

The only difference is in ratio intake of fats and Protein. It allows 60% Fat,35% protein and carbs remains the same as 5 %


From various studies and research, it is found that Ketogenic Diet may beneficiary helps in many health issues such as

1.)Weight Loss 

2.)Lower risk of Heart disease


4.)Prevents Seizures


7.)Improves Acne

8.)Control Diabetes

By losing excess fat from the body this diet helps in boosting Insulin sensitivity and 

Hence helps in controlling all above health disorders.

One of these diets would be great considering boosting your health.

Apart from all these health benefits there are few temporary Side Effects often termed as “Keto Flu”.It is basically initial side effects while the body adapts to this diet.

Few common side effects and their cure are as follows :

*During the start of this diet one may feel digestive discomfort, poor energy, sleep disorders ,nauseaand so its always advisable to start it step by step and follow a regular low carb diet for some weeks in starting before completely eliminating carbs.

*Bad Breath, muscle soreness and change in water mineral balance is also one of the 

 Issues people suffer during Keto Flu.

 One can add extra salt in food or take mineral supplements for the same.

Few Useful Mineral Supplements for Ketogenic diet are MCT Oil, Exogenous Protein

Creatine and Whey.

Adding these supplements will be highly beneficial as it balances the loss of minerals the body will face.

LOW CARB, HIGH FAT DIET - Boon or Bane??


  • Eggs & Meats- They both have generally zero or almost no carbs.

Eggs are one of the healthiest and nutritious foods. All meats generally are almost zero carb food except for organ meats such as the liver.

  • Seafood  – Fatty fish such as salmon, sardines and trout have zero carbs.

  • Fruits – Fruits such as Avocado or olives and low sugar berries have low carbs.                                 

     4.) Nuts & Seeds- Nuts & seeds are very popular in Low carb diet.

             Almonds Walnuts, chia seeds, flax seeds are good  to go in Ketogenic diet

     5.) Low Carb Veggies

     6.) Cheese 

     7.)Butter, Cream & Healthy Oils


If on Keto, one should avoid certain food and drinks completely like all soda drinks, Cocktails, beers, sugar energy drinks, grains like wheat, rice, oats, barley

All the fruits & vegetables with high sugar and carbs such as mango, grapes, oranges,

potatoes, peas, corn and much more.

Though this diet is very beneficial and its side effects are generally temporary and may go after a few weeks into this diet but it always recommended to consult a healthcare professional before starting any diet.

Have a Happy Keto 🙂

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