Proteins: The Muscles’ Food

Proteins: The Muscles' Food

It has been in a bodybuilder’s knowledge that after a ‘feeling-the-burn’ workout, the right food must also be eaten to gain those muscles. Bodybuilding is not just about lifting those weights or pulling down those wires. It is also about eating the right food that will definitely boost your muscles to a ‘boom-boom-pow’. But what should a bodybuilder look for in food? Is it the fibre content? Or the vitamins? Well, to break the truth, they need protein.

Protein provides the building blocks that a body needs for producing amino acids that are needed to build those muscles. You can not argue with science on that. It is also important that before taking a lot of proteins, you should know the different types of Protein and their characteristics that will affect your muscle development.

The first one will always be the king of proteins – the Whey Protein. The best thing about Whey protein is that after working out and you consume food that contains this, the muscle cells will easily absorb the protein and will give you quick results. However, this protein is more efficient if partnered with a long-term protein. Meaning, the Whey protein will not yield its best results if you consume this protein alone. Its effects only last only hours after the workout and after that, you need another kind of protein that will take over the muscle growth process. The Casein protein will be a great example to that.

The Casein protein is actually not that very popular to bodybuilders since it is being digested slowly and requires a lot of time before giving that kick to the muscles. It is a long-term protein and it actually feeds the muscles when they are rebuilding. But even though it has that very big advantage, the Casein protein alone will not cover all your protein needs.

Find it hard to spend your money for Whey and Casein proteins? Then opt for the cheapest way to feed those guns with the Egg White protein. Yes, obviously, it is the cheapest way of getting protein since all you need to do is to get those egg whites from a tray of eggs. And I believe eggs are not expensive right?

Whatever protein you choose, you should always remember that no protein can stand alone to feed your muscles and get those biceps pumping. You should have a balance of protein intake. And don’t forget, for a very satisfying workout, don’t forget to include the Somanabolic Muscle Maximizer Program in your routine. The right food plus the right program is equal to the perfect bodybuilding workout. Get it on!

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